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Website Design Course Module 01 – Essential Website Pages

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Okay, guys, welcome to Module #1.

In this module, our expert will be looking at essential website pages.

So get ready to take some notes and let’s jump right in. Alright, guys.

So what are the critical Must have pages of any business website.

Now there’s three very fundamental things that your website should convey.

Number one who we are number two, what we offer and number three, how or where you can do business with us.

And there’s some basic pages that could help you convey those three things and there’s plenty of different ways to do it.

We’re gonna look at two examples today.

The 1st 1 here is a barbershop website template from Weebly.

The other one is a car repair shop website template from Wix’s, and they all have the same basic structure and convey the same basic messages.

They do a good job of getting those three pieces of information that we just talked about across.

Now we’re actually going to save the home page for last because there’s some more specialized comments about the home page that I want to get into because the home page is kind of versatile and it can be used for a whole lot of different things.

So we’re gonna start with services here and services in this case is what they’re offering.

If you offer products or if you’re a restaurant or something, Obviously this might be a menu page for restaurants.

If you sell goods, it would be a products page.

But this is basically what we offers products, slash services, and in this case you can see $55 for a shave and a haircut.

45 bucks here.

How the schedule appointment and some photos to sort of reinforce what it is that they offer.

So that’s their services.

Next, the about page that the amount page is really an opportunity for you to tell your story.

Get your brand identity across, you know, touch base, build some rapport and some affinity with your audience a little bit.

In this case, you’ve got sort of a story of the founders probably would go inside of this template, and then you’ve got here and updates.

Page now updates in their case just means block.

Okay, block and a lot of businesses, including local businesses, air getting into blogging because they understand that content number one people do like to consume content.

But perhaps more importantly, content is something that Google loves, and so local business websites can rank higher.

If they have a lot of content on them, then we’ve got contact us.

Contact information is pretty straightforward.

In this case, it’s an address and the location.

Obviously, that would really be a phone number here, maybe an email address, that sort of thing.

This is just a template.

essential website pages

Like I said, one thing that you really want to consider for local businesses.

This really helps customers out and against your website a little bit of a wow factor that is, embedding an actual instance of Google maps on your site that shows people literally exactly where you are.

You will increase your foot traffic if you do this kind of thing before we come back to home page.

Let’s go through this whole gambit of pieces of information and pages on that other website that I told you about, which is this one, the car repair and renovation specialist website here again, this is a template from WIX’s, and it gives us a good idea good wire frame of the pages that a website should consist of.

Now we’ll go through the home page here again, very last in the case of this template and the other one just because there’s a lot to say about home pages there, they’re a little bit more versatile.

Let’s go straight to services.

This is what we offer repairs, upholstery, paint, work.

Just getting that point across.

If you wanted to add pricing and more details here, you could.

In fact, it’s recommended on a products and services page to be as thorough as you can Our work in this case, this is a portfolio.

This is a good one toe have.

It’s not one of those core absolute must kind of things.

It’s not one of those three absolute must pieces of information, but it is a good idea to have a portfolio page.

And, yes, these are all considered different pages here.

In a sense, this is a new type of Web site theme where all the pages are sort of on one page and when you click on the menu items that just scrolls down to that portion.

But it is a good idea to have a portfolio page here.

Next we’ve got the about us Page.

And once again, you’re just telling a story here who you are, why people should do business with you.

Contact, page, address, email, phone and, in this case, hours of business and a form where they can contact you.

This is pretty basic guys.

Pretty simple stuff.

In this case, these guys actually go a step further.

They’re gonna book online page and you can actually book and start a business transaction basically straight from the website, which is good.

Obviously, that depends on what kind of business you have.

You can do that with every single type of website or every type of business per’se, but this is a nice little touch here.

So now let’s talk about the home page and why it’s so special.

There’s a lot of differing opinion on how you should use a home page.

Probably the most important thing that you can use a home page for.

It’s gonna be conveying a unique selling proposition because unless you’re in some type of brand new just recently tapped into market, the chances are the business that you’re doing this Web design service four or your own business.

If you’re using this course to create your own website has a lot of competitors, and so the question is, why should they do business with you?

What is your unique selling proposition?

And you have an opportunity on your home page to convey that they don’t really convey that here.

It could be conveyed in the about US section, but it’s really something you want to try and convey above the fold.

So just as an example, if you were looking at pizza restaurants in your local area, you might come across Papa John’s and Papa John’s right there at the top of their page might say something like Better pizza.

Better ingredient, No better ingredients.

Better pizza.

Papa John’s That’s what it was.

And that’s their unique selling proposition that you’re gonna pay a little bit more, but because you’re getting gourmet fresh ingredients and a better, more valuable pizza.

But if you want to another persons website, let’s say your local Domino’s chain you might see their unique selling proposition conveyed on their home page 30 minutes or less, or it’s free 30 minutes or it’s free, I think was the old slogan for Domino’s.

In their case, they’re appealing to a different audience.

They’re saying themselves apart.

It’s cheaper pizza, less expensive.

It’s for the college kids who just want cheap pizza.

That tastes good right now.

They want quick, and they want less expensive.

That’s a different, unique selling proposition.

Okay, so how can you convey you or your clients?

Unique selling proposition on a home page is probably the most important thing that you can put here.

Let’s get this one out of the way real quick.

Let’s have a look at the home page of the barbershop right here.

You might have on opportunity to convey your unique selling proposition right at the very top.

Now, these guys are sort of doing multiple things.

You know, those those three core things we talked about that you use different pages for in their case, they’re doing those also reiterating them on their home base so everyone can see what they have to offer and and who they are in their story and that kind of stuff.

So right here you’ve got welcome to South Corner, and here is sort of an about US story that you might also find on the about page.

In this case, they’ve got on their home page.

They’re trying to build some report and establish their brand identity here.

They’ve got schedule an appointment buttons here.

So you don’t have to go to a different page due to do that, necessarily.

They’ve got meet the owners, right?

So the story of the founders again more about us type stuff to build some report.

They’ve got a gallery of, you know, past services.

Maybe in this case, this.

Like I said, it’s a website template from we believe so they can’t quite make up their mind whether this is a gallery of products or in this case, it looks like it would be used more for a portfolio.

So images of what you’ve done showcasing your services.

And then again, the contact US page type stuff is found here at the bottom of the home page as well.

Hours of operation and ah called action here, and there are little embedded maps of people know where to find them.

So that’s basically why I wanted to save the home page for last, because home pages can do a lot of things.

In many cases, they’ll be used for reiterating some of those other core things that you want to convey.

On other pages.

You can reiterate those re convey them on your home page because a lot of people, maybe they get to your website and they’re not gonna click through all your different pages.

But I would say the most important thing to do on the home page is to convey a unique selling proposition and give someone a quick and clear idea right there.

Right then why they should be interested in doing business with you instead of a competitive ER.

So I mentioned Wicks.

I mentioned Weebly.

We used to templates for these examples here just to go through the core pages that make up a standard, typical business website.

And now it’s time to actually talk about Wix.

Talk about wearily as well as WordPress and a couple other different options that you can utilize to really start building these websites either a website for yourself or websites for clients.

If that’s what you’re sitting out to do.

So let’s do that in the next module

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