Search Engine Optimization Module 03 – SEO Tools, Services and Outsourcing

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All right. Welcome to Module #3.

This module our expert will teach you about SEO Tools, Services and outsourcing.

So get ready to take some notes and let’s jump right in. All right, So, as you saw from lesson one and two SEO can take up a lot of time.

Search engine optimization is a very careful, methodical process that’s gonna eat up a lot of your time or one of your team members time as kind of difficult.

So let’s look at some things that we’re gonna make it easier and make it consume less of your time.

First off, Yoast SEO is a plug in for WordPress.

That’s gonna handle your on site SEO stuff.

Now, most of you remember if we come over here to the blog post that we’re missing with beckon listen to what this does for you.

Is that basically scans your content pieces, your blog posts your pages and so on, and it gives you scores.

It gives you readability scores, gives you your keyword ranking.

Score specifically how well you’re using your keywords and key phrases in your content.

You know your H one tags your each to tags the actual paragraph content itself internal, linking external, linking all that good stuff.

So you can see a lot of that stuff in here and you can manipulate a lot of it in here and make sure that you’re onsite SEO is as good as it possibly can get.

Most of these tools that we’re gonna look at, though, are for back legs.

Most of them are for offsite seo.

So first off, there’s Broken Link Builder.

Now, this is a very, very neat piece of software that will actually go out and find pages for you that have broken links on them.

And then you can reach out to those people and say, Hey, this link is broken, but I have a block post or a page or a content piece that I think your audience will find useful.

It’s in the same topic area, and since I brought this to your attention, would you mind replacing that link with my link?

This is where you really roll up your sleeves.

You get your hands a little bit dirty.

You get into the nitty gritty of actually reaching out to these people in creating those human real genuine and organic back links.

And this software, the Broken Link Builder, is a great way to not have to manually go out there and crawl the Web and trying to find broken links on blog’s and websites in your niche.

This will find it all for you.

Next, there’s pitch box now pitch boxes pretty phenomenal.

It’s actually pretty hard to believe what they’ve done here.

They’ve actually taken the concept of reaching out to Web property owners and asking for back links, and they’ve turned it into basically a CRM.

I mean, this is this looks like a CRM.

This looks like an email, marketing software something, however, when these guys talk about campaigns and stuff there specifically referring to reaching out to influencers and high authority Web pages.

So what these guys will do is you can actually search for websites that it would be good for you and your niche toe have high authority back links from, and it even has their contact information.

That’s what makes this special.

It gives you their social media profiles.

They’re they’re contact us info and stuff so that you can send them an email or a Facebook message or a tweet or whatever and say, Hey, can I get a back link?

And I, you know, set up a deal where you know, I write, Ah, block post for you and you do a guest block post for us and we can swap back links in that sort of thing.

So there’s a whole science behind this, and it’s very data driven, and pitch box makes it very easy to do.

They even have automated follow up sequences okay for messaging these people and stuff like that.

So it’s pretty spectacular.

This is a very, very useful tool that’ll come in handy if you’re trying to automate a certain portion of finding contact info for those Web properties and following up with him.

Next, There’s Back Link Tracker.

Now this is pretty special.

It obviously tracks your back links.

I mean, that’s a very basic function.

However, it also helps you keep an eye on and analyze your competitors back links, which you saw already you can do over in moves, but in this case this is very special.

They actually monitor your competitors back links, and whenever your competitors er gets a new back link, you get a message you get an email saying, Hey, your competitor Website just gotta back link from You know, robot vacuums are us dot com, and so you can actually stay neck and neck with them.

You can keep up in the sort of arms race of back linking by literally going to that same site and seeing if it’s possible for you to get it back link from that same Web property.

So this is really, really a great way to keep you in the competition, keep you in the game in a Realtor time, actually sending you emails with information every time that your competitors get a new back link.

That is pretty impressive.

Pretty powerful stuff, and it’ll help you.

Ah, lot now the next one I want to talk about here is specific.

To local, it’s called a white spark.

Now White Sparks local Citation Finder is pretty sweet.

It finds citations from anywhere so business listings and directories, which is great for practical purposes because local businesses confined citations on databases or directories that they didn’t even know existed.

For example, Yelp is one that most people know exist.

However, there’s plenty out there that people have not thought of, and when they find those, they could go in there and actually create a proper listing of their business gate.


You’ll help them get foot traffic into their stores.

However, citations also refers to everything that we would just refer to his back links in the regular non-local SEO World case of blog’s digital magazines We keys or I kind of stuff.

So what you can do here is you can find key phrases, so you type in, for example, over here it says dentists.

But you could put in a barbecue restaurant or something like that.

And it’ll create multiple variations of that word specifically having to do with your local areas of different cities and zip codes and county names.

And you know, different phrases that have to do with your local area that people might be using to search when they want to go eat at your restaurant or they need a dental appointment or something like that.

So that’s very useful here.

The big thing here, however, is identifying your top ranking competitors and allowing you to analyze and spy on their citations as well, so you can actually go out there Let’s say that you’ve got a competing barbecue restaurant and you find out that they’re actually listed on a popular food critique.

blog, so that you’re in the Chicago area.

You’ve got a barbecue restaurant.

You confed her across the street.

He’s ringing way up there, high above you, and you’re wondering why.

And you find out that there is a ship.

You know, Chicago’s best eats kind of blog, where there’s a food critic who comments on local restaurants.

And now you know that that guy has a back link from that block and you can reach out to that guy and say, Hey, why don’t you come to my restaurant?

You know, I’ll fix you up a meal and you can tell us what you think of it and, you know, maybe give us Ah ah, a little bit of love on your block.

So it’s the same basic thing as online or non local SCL like we’ve been talking about, but in this case it’s at a local level.

And then there’s Discover citation opportunities, which is not competitors specific.

It just helps you get out there and find relevant sites where you could get citations and those would help you with your local listings.

This is absolute gold for local businesses, whether you are a local business or if you offer this is a service as Seo services to local businesses.

Now let’s acknowledge that these tools, all these tools that we’ve looked at are certainly gonna make SEO a little bit easier, and they’re gonna help you get it done in less time.

However, it’s still a lot of stuff.

Even with these tools, he’s still gotta dedicate a lot of time toe on site and off site SEO So what is the ultimate solution to really taking this kind of your hands getting it done?

But without taking up too much time, it’s hiring a virtual assistant.

That’s really simple.

So this is a website called online jobs dot ph.

It specializes helping people outsource to the Philippines.

It’s a big old database of resumes and job seekers, people who want to work from home in the Philippines started by a guy named John Jonas.

It’s a very popular website, very trusted website, and Filipinos aren’t excellent, excellent way toe outsource tasks in your business.

Filipinos have English as one of their primary language is officially so.

They speak fantastic English, almost no accent at all, and they type excellent English as well.

And yet, because of the difference in the buying power of the US dollar, you can hire Filipinos for a very, very small amount of money.

So a lot of these folks will work 30 to 40 hour weeks and only expect, you know, $300 or so per month as their salary.

It’s it’s pretty impressive.

Pretty useful.

Four businesses were trying to outsource stuff, and it’s a fantastic way to take Seo off of your plate and hand it to someone else.

So let’s go ahead and come in here.

We’re gonna click on skills to Filter, recommended a marketing and sales, and we’re gonna click on SEO and that we want that set at five stars.

Okay, let’s go ahead and hit refined search results.

And here we have some S E o results.

Now, these are people who can build your back links or some of them are just content writers.

They just write content for you.

If you want.

Remember, content is probably the most important part of SEO So you tell them what the topic is with the focus.

Keywords and key phrases are and they’ll come up with your content for you.

So you have to write block posts and stuff.

Okay, so we’ve got one here.

Whose when you work for 3 88 a month s seo search engine optimization.

Search engine marketing you’ve got, uh, let’s see another one.

Here s e o and s. Mm.


485 bucks.

We’ve got an SEO  specialist here.

He’s asking for 100 bucks.

We’ve got ah, SEO, assistant and link builder.

He specifies that he’s familiar with back linking.

Okay, 291 bucks per month since is pretty impressive stuff.

SEO specialist here for 3 88 45 Another SEO expert to 91 SEO. Here 3 88 So, as you can see, this is a great way to find someone.

And you don’t just hire these people as freelancers says not like going to fiver or something.

You’re not hiring them for a project, although you theoretically could you know, you’re certainly welcome to reach out to these people and ask if they’re interested in the short term project.

However, most of the folks on here are looking for a permanent position.

Okay, And that’s another benefit here is you’re not gonna get someone who’s gonna take some money and then off they go.

And hopefully they did a good job.

This is someone who is going to take upon themselves the burden and the accountability of permanently being on your team and having to always do a good job if they want to maintain their employment.

This is a great way to bring someone on your team and you don’t have to pay.

By the way, you know it SEO is not something that takes up 40 hours a week.

You can pay these people for just 10 or 20 hours a week.

You know, it all depends on what they’re open to be.

You’ll notice a lot of these folks have ranges and their salaries, and that’s because they’re willing to work a range of time so some of them will take on a job.

You know, let’s say you only need them for 10 maybe 15 20 hours a week, doing your back linking for you doing all that outreach reaching out to the people who own those websites.

So you don’t have to, you know, it’s it’s a great way to take SEO off of your plate, put on someone else’s plate and still get those things done.

And even if these folks are not super skilled in certain aspects of it and they just have a general familiarity with the SEO, remember, all they’re gonna learn is the same thing you would have learned if you were gonna do it by yourself anyway, you know, so they don’t have to be super experts.

When you were going to start using pitch box, that tool we talked about earlier that helps you find the contact info for high authority websites that you can get back links from.

You were going to sit through all the tutorials for pitch box weren’t yet, so why not just have them sit through it, then learn how to use it?

Same thing with the broken link builder.

Same thing with the local Citation finder.

All this good stuff.

Just teach them how to do it or have them sit through all the training and the tutorials and so on and so forth and have them do it so that you don’t have to.

And we both know if you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re having someone else do it for you, it’s much more likely to actually get done.

Because SEO is the epitome of overwhelming work.

And when we get overwhelmed with work as entrepreneurs sometimes guess what we don’t end up doing it.

So this is a great way to make sure the work gets done and that it doesn’t take up too much of your time.

So I really encourage you guys to not just use all those cool tools that we just showed you, but also bring on an actual human onto your team.

Who can do this stuff for you, who can learn it if they don’t know it already or if they already know it great.

But they can do it for you So it a gets done be doesn’t take up too much of your time and see, in the case of outsourcing to the Philippines doesn’t cost you too much.

So that’s it for the SEO Course.

Remember, you wanna research your keywords, you wanna create content and optimize on site to make sure that you get as much kudos and cool points from Google and their algorithm as possible.

And then it’s all about offsite.

Back links back links back links.

We’ve gone over some great tools that will help you build those back links very quickly.

And I highly recommend just the icing on the cake.

Hire a virtual assistant and have them do it all. Learn it all and do it all for you.

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