LOA Marketing Lesson 3 – Having A Purpose And A Driving Passion

Even if you are only operating a blog right now, you can still apply these concepts of “love thy potential and new customers”.

law of attraction marketing lessons

You would probably be amazed to discover how many people start internet businesses that they really don’t care about. Many of them fell for the hype – the make-a-million promises that network marketing companies made famous. As you will read later, networking marketing is a legitimate marketing strategy, so this is not a jab at it. The point that is being made concerns doing something you care deeply about. Actually, you need to have a passion for your product and your business.

Law Of Attraction MarketingThere was a woman who really wanted to start an online business. She was not good at cold sales calls and didn’t even want try selling. But one day she came across a well-known company looking for sales associates to add to an online network marketing organization. She read the hype and the pitch sounded too good to pass up!

They would help get the business set up, match her up with a mentor, show her how to do marketing, assist with product delivery and so much more.

But what they couldn’t do was make the customer contacts. The products included weight loss and nutritional supplements. To make money you had to enjoy working with people, listening to their health issues, and promote products. She also had to find other people willing to sell for her. She had never personally used the products. She just wanted to make money.

Can you guess what happened? The lady was unable to sell products either online or offline because 1) she despised cold selling, and 2) she was in it for the money and not because she really believed in the products. When trying to sell the products, she would imply they were a waste of money.

Remember the law of attraction teaches that you attract what you think. If you don’t really believe in your product or your business then you are going to send that vibration to others. They will pick up on the negative attitude, the lack of commitment and the lack of enthusiasm and return the same. You get what you think.

Here’s a question for you to think about. If you had a million dollars sitting in the bank right now in an account with your name on it, what would you be doing for a living? If you did not have to worry about money and could do whatever you want, what would it be?

Your answer tells you where your passions lay. What you need to do is trust yourself to succeed. That doesn’t mean you have to throw your current business out the window and start over again. But it does mean you need to find a way to fulfill your passions. In the case of the woman trying to sell nutritional products, she changed course. Instead of selling products she had no passion for she started a freelance writing business because writing is her passion. But she also started a motivational blog and pointed out the benefits of the nutritional products and attracted new customers without being forced to do cold call selling. There is an old expression that says, “What man can, he can achieve.”

Now there is a positive statement! Conceive your passion in life and then achieve your goals. If you tell yourself that you cannot do what you really want to do then you won’t. There will always be a reason to procrastinate and continue doing what you don’t love.


A single fresh idea can lead to momentous results. It’s true! A single idea that is backed by the passion just discussed is an opportunity that should not be missed. The
first personal computer, Apple I, was invented in a house garage. Do you think the inventors, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, were thinking about money when they spent 6 months creating the prototype? No, they were not according to comments they have made over the years. They were thinking about bringing computing power to homes. They envisioned a grander world where people had access to technology in their everyday lives. This was their vision! The computer was merely a product.

As most people know, Wozniak and Jobs became multi-millionaires. They had a vision, pursued a passion and the money followed. These two college dropouts are an
excellent example of how a single minded focus leads to new creation. What they were thinking about and feeling good about and wanting to succeed at lead to a powerful new invention that changed the way the world computes.

In Law of Attraction marketing a vision is a magnet for the resources needed to succeed. People recognize others who have a vision and have nothing but admiration for them. People with a clear vision are leaders in society. They are the movers and shakers, and they are always excited about what can be and not only what has happened in the past.

When promoting your internet business, you have to successfully project that vision to attract customers. People want to associate with winners and leaders. Brian
Biro is a well known speaker who talks on topics like leadership and change. He uses a great term that sums up the positive thoughts needed to be a visionary – possibility thinking.

What a wonderful term! A vision is not a memory; it is possibilities. If you are able to convey your vision in your marketing efforts, people will be attracted to your
business and you. So how do you accomplish this?

•Present a well-designed website that leaves no confusion in viewer minds as to the purpose of the business

•Add a personal touch to the marketing campaign to develop customers relationships rather than simply product buyers

•Give customers plenty of opportunity through feedback tools to establish 2-way communication with you

•Keep your website or marketing materials forward looking

•Always be professional and honest in your statements while expressing enthusiasm

An excellent example of a company that knows how to convey a vision in just a few words is Amazon. Here is a snip of their website accessed at http://www.amazon.com. Notice what you see first on this page!

Clearly Amazon wants to make book reading accessible to everyone, everywhere and at an affordable price. The marketers conveyed the vision of the company in four
words: “Buy Once, Read Everywhere”. It’s brilliant marketing and you can do the same…for free! One of the joys of internet marketing is that even the sole proprietor can use the same marketing concepts and many of the same activities as the largest vendors.

You are thinking that there is no way you can achieve this kind of marketing success. Here is a lesson on the Law of Attraction. You are thinking small and negative if that is what you are thinking, and you should already understand at this point what that will attract -not much!


Robert G. Allen in Multiple Streams of Internet Income discussed the concept of being “customer-centric” as opposed to “profit-centric.” Being customer-centric means
you develop a real relationship with customers as opposed to pushing sales. Developing customer trust is essential to building a successful business that is enduring and has customers that return. Though one-time sales may be nice when they occur, the good feeling quickly dissipates when revenue declines due to lack of repeat sales.

A customer-centric business owner knows how to use customer service to develop customer trust. With trust comes a long-term commitment to your business. A trusting relationship brings revenue with it proving once again that Law of Attraction marketing is successful.

People do not choose retailers or service providers based on price alone. Their buying decisions are not always that rational or use such simple logic. People want to feel their business is valued. That’s why a common complaint among dissatisfied customers is often about poor service. When you establish a bond with customers based on trust, the relationship deepens.

Think about two people who meet, are attracted to each other and then fall in love. Their emotions become more intense and deeper. You don’t want your customers falling in love with you, but you certainly want them falling in love with your business. To do that you must first attract them and then do everything you can to deepen the relationship.

In doing you will also develop multiple streams of income for the simple reason that internet marketing, public relations and customer service are blended into a new
marketing beast you could call mark-pub-cust-serv (just kidding again!)!

So how do you deepen customer relationships? Think of falling in love again and how you want to do everything you can to please the other person. “Oh Darling, you are so beautiful! I am so happy you are in my life. What can I do to make you happy? Tell me how I can prove my love for you! Anything you want, it’s yours!” Well, you get the idea. You have to prove to your customers that you love them and want them to love you back. Positive emotions create a positive reality and this is Law of Attraction marketing.

•Deliver a consistent message of customer love over and over again using a reliable email campaign delivering words of wisdom, great information and proof you truly care

•Develop a promotional offer that customers will find attractive and see as a sign you would love their business (like a free gift for leaving contact information)

•Make it easy for customers to get hold of you by giving them options like emailing, telephoning, chatting and even writing (yes…some people still write letters!)

•Concentrate on providing excellent customer service instead of just pushing products

•As for feedback and then use the information to improve customer service

The Lego customer service site is ready to help customers in multiple ways. You notice this web page isn’t primarily selling products; it’s giving service. You can contact the company, get free instructions on building Lego toys, find store locations, read a Help section or even complete a survey and let the company what you are thinking.

Lego loves its customers! You need to love yours too. You can use the Law of Attraction concepts with very little monetary investment too. These are ideas and concepts that can be implemented and not expensive web design suggestions. Even if you are only operating a blog right now, you can still apply these concepts of “love thy potential and new customers”.

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