Instagram Marketing

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4 Tips on What Works Best on Instagram
Business owners are proving that they are braver than ever in terms of promoting their products to consumers. More than taking their advertisements to the streets, they bring it into the digital world where even the person living in a distant country can gain access to it. Regardless, entrepreneurs are still wary about how they can garner more followers or customers in hottest photo-sharing platforms to date. This is why we are glad to share tips on what works best on Instagram.
Tip #1. Interesting Images
Though only the most courageous folks upload raw copies of their product pictures at present, you can compete better at this marketing game if you help yourself generously to the filtering methods that a lot of apps offer to make the images more eye-catching. There are mobile versions of them available, yet in case time management is not a problem, you may utilize the desktop photo-editing applications too.
Tip #2. Take After the Trends
Instagram releases various trends throughout the year, and you should always be up to speed to them in order keep your viewers coming back. Analyze the Audience Engagement chart as well, so that you will be able to see what causes the increase or decrease of the lines there.
Tip #3. Tell A Story
The photos you will post on the platform have to actually paint over a thousand words to attract the attention of consumers. Use your creativity to find out how a simple pair of shoes, for instance, can look interesting to different audiences and make them want to share it or give it a heart.
Tip #4. Add Hashtags
Hashtags are no longer for Twitter only, as Instagram users can include as many as they please in every post. This will allow their photos to be discovered in online searches more easily.
See how you can apply these tips on your Instagram account today!