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If you’re a marketer and you’re not doing any Pinterest Marketing, then you’re missing out on one of the biggest, most flexible and most powerful platforms out there. Pins.

Pinterest may not be quite as biggest Facebook in terms of pure users, but it’s actually not as far behind as you might think. What’s more, it has a ton of unique features that present s and opportunities for the savvy marketer. The main problem that brand seem to have when it comes to pinch Pinterest is that they don’t see how they can get it to relate to them. Hence Pinterest is very visual and created.

It’s made up of images that people pin to their boards on that others can comment on or Re-pin. So it clearly lends itself to companies that have an artistic, trendy, stylish or visual side. But how can this possibly be useful for a company that sells life insurance? Or for a blogger who is promoting the work online lifestyle on seeing his Facebook and Twitter is so much bigger? Does it really matter? Well, the first thing you should get out of your head is the idea that pins rest isn’t that big. In fact, Pinterest currently has 100 million users, which is pretty massive on a subset of the market that you just can’t ignore.

Also interesting is that 85% of those 100 million users of female this is quite unique for any social network. And it provides you with a great way to reach a female audience, something that a lot of blog’s and brands could stand to do a little more effectively. 42% of all adult women in the US used pins rest, which is massive on Ashley. 13% of men do as well, which is still rather significant.

And, while Pinterest has a ton of users, it also has the advantage of being a platform that visitors could enjoy without having to sign up. This means your potential reach is much bigger than you might have imagined. Hence Pinterest is also one of the fastest growing platforms on is expected to acquire another 47.5 million users this year, so you need to be on pin to. Pinterest on this is especially true once you realize that there are plenty of ways you can succeed on the platform, even if your niche isn’t terribly creative or visual.

Over the course of this video, Siri’s will look at some of the more creative and imaginative approaches that you can take to your Pinterest marketing, and we’ll see how other brands have managed to take the network by storm. Better yet, you’ll find that Pinterest is actually one of the easiest social networks to manage and maintain. The amount of time and money you’ll invest here is minuscule, especially when compared with the amount that you stand to gain.

This is a very high ROI.. It demands your attention.

With that in mind, this series is going to act is your comprehensive guide to mastering Pinterest. By the end, you’ll know everything you need to know to get set up and start building a massive audience.

What s’more. We’ll go over some advanced techniques and strategies that you can employ to get one step ahead of the competition on accelerates your growth trajectory. You’ll be armed with unrivaled knowledge of the platform, and you’ll be poised in very to become a real force to be reckoned with. Specifically, you’ll learn how Pinterest works and what makes it different from other platforms.

  • How to get started with your own Pinterest boards.
  • How the top brands on Pinterest are making use of the platform.
  • How to save time using plug ins and other tools.
  • How to market your Pinterest board through other forms of social media.

Email and more.

How to create stunning content that’s destined to succeed on Pinterest growth-hack techniques for gaining more users more quickly on what to expect from Pinterest moving forward.

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Website Design Course Module 03 – Individual Website Page Design & Templates http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/website-design/website-page-design/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=website-page-design http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/website-design/website-page-design/#respond Fri, 19 Jun 2020 00:45:24 +0000 http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/?p=2976 In this module, our expert will teach you about the actual  website page design process. So get ready to take some notes and let’s jump right in. All right, So we’re gonna be using Wix to create this website home page today. We’re gonna go through the whole design process so you can see how […]

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In this module, our expert will teach you about the actual  website page design process.

So get ready to take some notes and let’s jump right in. All right, So we’re gonna be using Wix to create this website home page today.

We’re gonna go through the whole design process so you can see how it works to start with a template and replace everything and make it your own.

But I want to remind you, before we get started that it’s all basically the same whether you go and use Weebly or Wicks, who are a dragon drop builder inside of WordPress like thrive architect, the basic workflow.

The basic functionality is always gonna be the same.

Sometimes a terminology might change where the buttons are low, kid might change.

But the vast majority of what you’re doing is not super unique.

Toe one platform so you can apply what we’re doing here today to pretty much everything.

So we’re gonna start here with Wix.

When you choose to create a new website, it gives you a couple of categories to choose from.

We’re gonna click on business, and it brings us to the wicks 80 i versus the weeks editor.

I do want to mention weeks 80. I is pretty cool.

It’s basically a robot that spits out the website for you.

However, we’re gonna go through the actual design process here, so I’m going to go with choosing a template for the weeks editor.

The standards old fashioned way.

Now, I actually like this one right here.

This is a nice one.

We’re gonna go with this one here.

Don’t worry about the image.

I’m not saying I like the image, because we’re actually gonna change that.

I just like the layout of this one.

If you wanted to, you could click View, and that would show you a big demo of the Web page.

And all are the website, and all the pages were just gonna hit edit, which will bring us right here to our new template.

Now we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take this.

Looks like this is for life coaching, personal life coaching.

Everybody is a life coach these days.

Today we’re gonna be a men’s health coach.

Gay men’s health coaching.

That’s what we’re gonna be doing.

We’re gonna go ahead and change what will leave the name of the way it is.

There’s nothing wrong with name Alan Johnson.

We’ll go ahead and change this to men’s fitness coach.

There’s a that and then down here, we’re gonna delete this.

I don’t think we need that.

We’re gonna grab this button, bringing a little bit further down.

As you can see, it’s just drag and drop your manipulating what’s already there.

Just manipulating the templates.

We’re gonna paste the words Men’s health coaching right there.


And now we need an image back here.

Now your best friend with Web design for imagery is gonna be a good stock photo site like Adobe Stock.

Okay, like Adobe stock, there’s plenty of them out there.

I like Adobe stock because you get some good bang for your buck.

Let’s go ahead and type fitness man, since we’re doing men’s health coaching and we’ll just grab this one here really clicked License now download in a moment.

And while that’s downloading were to come on over here back to the editor, we’re gonna work on changing this background image, so we’re gonna click on change strip background and looks like our image just got done.

Downloading down there were like over here to image.

Then that would bring us to our media folder.

We’re gonna click on upload media upload from Computer.

We grab that image and we’ll give it a second to upload here.

Two weeks for us.

All right, so that’s in there.

Now we’re gonna hit, change, background and there we go.


One thing that we want to do with a background image if we have text in front of it is always going to be changed.

The A passage.

So it’s good and increase the color behind the image.

Teoh White Don’t trump the opacity.

Oh, down to about 60%.

That way you can still see the image.

Powerful limits right gets the point across, but the text sort of pops out quite a bit better.

So let’s go and close this.

Let’s drag things around a little bit, make this button a little bit bigger.

That’s where clients can book their appointments, right?

And then where you come down here to the about me section and I don’t see any reason to change this photo here, but obviously you would in real life.

I’ve pulled a Martha Stewart here.

I’ve already got all the text that I need for all these different text elements on this page.

Control V. Put that in there.

I have a passion for serving my clients and meeting them exactly where they are in regards to their health.

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

You can pause and read that if you need to.

It’s just something I made up.

And then I want to add two more things to this page.

I think it’s a good idea toe.

Add two things.

That sort of detail to people, how they’re going to deliver the service.

So I want to create one thing that says Step one Nutrition and another little row that says Step to fitness, and we’re gonna have some powerful images behind each of those as well.

Back over here, click on this bottom foot area arena.

Bring that downward a little bit for some empty space.

This is just the default background that came with the template were using so we can ignore that.

Don’t worry about that.

And we’re going to add a new row, which is actually just called a strip of photo strip here inside of Wicks.

Gram this and we’re going to replace the image first.

Now, what we want is a image here of food came nutritional, healthy eating.

So it’s coming over here.

Let’s take that in. Actually, before we leave these results, I think we’re gonna end up using one of these later.

This one here looks good.

There we go.

And that was coming.

Look for, uh, healthy food.

See what we get from Adobe stock here.

Lots of good images we could use.

This is actually making me hungry.

Let’s come on over here and grab.

Uh, this one here gets that a a few minutes to download.

Come over here back to the editor, and let’s get ready to change this background image just like we did earlier.

Rank over here, click on image.

And just like last time, we’re gonna compare to upload Media.

We’re gonna grab that image from our computer, and we might as well grab both of the new ones since we’ll be using that of the one later in the step to strip.

Give that a few seconds toe upload, and there we go.

So let’s grab this one quick change background to insert that background has been changed.

Now Let’s close this and we’re going to replaced this background with just a white, just white good, and we’ll find that text again will change the color of the text to black.

And let’s go ahead and call this step one looks nutrition.

Drag this on fits a little better up here.

Take this paragraph right over here and I’ve got this pre written already over here as well.

Copy this from my note pad file.

Come over here and paste that there, and I think that fund could be a little bit a little bit bigger.

There we go and go and get rid of the read more button because we don’t need that function right here.

Right this second.

So that’s one strip done.

We’ll click down here on the footer, give ourselves some room once again drag this baby down here and we’ll click here and we’ll add another strip to the page.

This time, I think we’ll do sort of the opposite will put the text on the left and we’ll put the image on the right.

So here we go.

Drag that foot area back up to the bottom of that strip will come over here will change this text here too.

website design

Step two Fitness.

And just to make sure we’re staying relatively consistent here, we’ll make that all camps.

Or just that.

So it fits.

Step one.

Nutrition, Step two, fitness.

We don’t need this little icon here.

Although it is cool.

We’ll bring that up here and grab this paragraph.

Place it right here.

Give ourselves some room for this next pre written snippet that I’m gonna put in there.

Control V. Corvis Program is fitness together will work to assess etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

And then we’ll come over here, will change the column.

Background image.

What settings?

Hopes not settings.

Excuse me.

I will go to image first and we should already have that image in our library.

We do change background and that we’ve got the weight lifting image right there next to step to.

So I think that’s a pretty cool men’s health coaching website.

Here’s the fundamentals.

You get a template again.

This works whether you’re using Thrive architect or any other WordPress.

Plug in works if you’re using weebly works.

If you’re using Wicks, and all you’re doing is coming in your changing background images changing foreground images changing names, titles, paragraphs, headlines, all that good stuff.

That’s all you’re doing in Web design, all right.

Less than 1% of Web designers will ever, ever, ever engage in the practice of creating a website literally from scratch.

Almost nobody does that.

You don’t need to.

You have these awesome tools that we just mentioned, including this one weeks that allows you to just create fantastic looking websites without any need for actual coding or any of that good stuff.

Let’s click over here to preview to see what this actually looks like.

Without all the Web design interface stuff.

This looks pretty good.

This is a good looking website.

I’d hire this guy s so as you can see what design Pretty easy.

Pretty straightforward.

Guys, you don’t have to be.

This is, ah, common misconception.

You don’t have to be a Web developer to be a Web designer with Web design.

All you’re doing is front and stuff and making it look pretty, making it convey than necessary messages that you need to convey in business to your site visitors.

So that’s about it.

Keep that in mind.

No web development.

If you’re doing Web design you just want to be focused on front and stuff.

And there’s a lot of tools that help you to do that, including WordPress plug ins and builders like Thrive architect and standalone Web design platforms like Weeks and Really.

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Website Design Course Module 02 – Website Design Tools And Platforms http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/website-design/website-design-tools/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=website-design-tools http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/website-design/website-design-tools/#respond Thu, 18 Jun 2020 00:45:05 +0000 http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/?p=2973 Hey, folks, welcome to module #2 In this module our expert will be covering the various Website design tools and platforms out there. So get ready to take some notes and let’s jump right in. All right, so the first tool or platform we’re gonna look at is WordPress. Now WordPress bills itself as an […]

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Hey, folks, welcome to module #2

In this module our expert will be covering the various Website design tools and platforms out there.

So get ready to take some notes and let’s jump right in. All right, so the first tool or platform we’re gonna look at is WordPress.

Now WordPress bills itself as an easy front and Web builder, and it’s really not.

It’s not.

It’s the most popular Web design and development platform out there.

However, that’s largely because of marketing.

The fact is, WordPress is kind of a pain.

WordPress requires a whole lot of back and stuff.

There’s not really a whole lot of front end designing that you can do, and its overall just not the easiest website builder out there.

However, it is the one that most people use for whatever reason.

It’s the one that you will most likely use if you’re working as an agency, making websites for clients or making websites for yourself.

And the reason most people end up going with WordPress is because they find other WordPress related things that they want to use, namely themes and plug ins, and that is in fact, a very good benefit of WordPress.

There are a ton of free and paid themes and plug ins that you can utilize to do all sorts of great stuff on your website.

The most popular place to come for WordPress themes is probably in Votto Marketplaces theme forest dot net.

Now this is an incredibly large library of themes, all sorts of good stuff, e commerce themes, blawg themes, restaurant themes, local businesses and services themes.

There’s a ton of amazing stuff here, and typically what people do is they find themes like this.

When there researching about building a website, they find one That’s nice.

They find out that’s for WordPress.

And so they go the WordPress route, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But I just want you to understand that WordPress still is not the most easy thing out.

But that’s basically how this works.

You pick a theme like this one, for example.

This is for photography businesses, and the theme comes with pre built templates for all the pages and stuff, and you stick those in the WordPress and you activate them, and then you can use it.

Now there’s also builders, okay.

Builders and WordPress are typically plug ins and the most popular one out there is thrive.

Architect, thrive architect now thrive Architect is a pretty neat plug in a neat website builder for WordPress because it takes WordPress is back end.

Designing it totally puts it on the back burner so you don’t have to worry about it, and you just build on the front end.

website design tools

It’s very neat a lot.

People are starting to use this one.

There are some other dragon drop front end Web design plug ins out there.

Kind of like Thrive are architect five.

Architect is probably the smoothest, the easiest.

It bills itself as the fastest because it’s very optimized.

Speed lies and let’s have a look at an example of editing a thrive page really quick here.

This is one of thrive architect sor thrive.

Themes included templates that you can use with thrive architect.

And as you can see, it’s actual dragon drop column based Dragon Drop.

So there’s debate around whether or not, you know, column basis should be considered Dragon drop, technically speaking, but when you edit text, you’re doing so on the front end.

What you see is what you get.

There’s a thing.

Acronym with the wig was applied to the old WordPress builder.

But it’s not really busy week.

This really is with the week right here.

What you see literally is what you get.

You can actually see what’s happening as you’re creating and moving things around.

You can change the size off columns between items and so on and so forth, so it’s a pretty user friendly builder.

Now you still have to worry about all the other WordPress stuff.

You still have to go into the WordPress back end to set up your navigations in your menus, and you know your your photo hosting in your you know all the other good stuff.

However, the actual building and design process is much easier with a plug in like thrive architect.

So that sums up the WordPress side of things.

Let’s look at some non WordPress Web design options that are out.

First up is weebly that we believe is pretty well known, we believe, been around since at least about 8 4000 and nine.

They started much more simple.

Obviously, they were well known for being an easy drag and drop builder, though a theme or template based drag and drop builder Weebly is a great option for people who are just starting out.

They’re not interested in messing with a bunch of back end development stuff.

They literally just want an easy front and a drag and drop Builders.

Let’s have a look at another example site here.

Um, just to give you an idea.

It’s very similar to that other plug in we looked at called Thrive Architect.

Okay, it’s Dragon Drop its column based, so you can change the size of columns that width and stuff.

That’s the different elements or would make up the page.

There’s text elements, headline elements, image elements.

You can resize images right there on the page.

It’s very, very easy to use for pretty much anyone.

This is the ultimate ultimate grandmas who have designed studio, if you will, on everything’s accessible right here.

These are all the elements that you can utilize and again, it being template based.

It’s very simple to use.

Just grab a temple and then replace everything with your own stuff.

So that’s Weebly.

Definitely an excellent option.

Now let’s have a look at UIC now.

Wicks is an incredible builder because Wicks is actual true dragon drop.

It started off way back in the old days.

It’s a flash based builder in that switch to each came out five, but it used HTML five and such an advanced away that retained the true dragon drop.

And what true dragon drop means is this not column based, no columns, no rose, no blocks, its actual drag and drop.

Now that might be a little bit intimidating to some people if they’re new to Web design, Some people actually find comfort in knowing that everything’s already symmetrically lined out in columns.

And thats fine.

However, you feel like a little bit more in the way of artistic freedom than Wicks is arguably the best option out there.

It’s very, very easy to create things inside of weeks.

It’s really dragon drop.

There’s no adjusting columns, and with you just adjust the size of elements and put them literally exactly where you want them.

So that’s the three main tools for building websites.

You’ve got WordPress, which is based on themes and plug ins, and you import a theme that you like, and you change things inside of it, and you still do have to worry about a little bit of back end development type stuff, but it’s not the end of the world.

If you want to avoid all that, you’ve got Weebly, which is a front and dragon drop but column and block based builder, which is still quite easy to use.

Lots of templates to choose from.

And then you got weeks, which is very similar.

However, it’s again riel.

Drag and drop actual real position, fluid, liquid drag and drop.

And that sums up our overview of common Web design tools and platforms for this lesson.

Now we’re going to get into actually designing a page, step by step, and we’re gonna be utilizing Wicks to do that in the next module.

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Website Design Course Module 01 – Essential Website Pages http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/website-design/website-design-essential-website-pages/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=website-design-essential-website-pages http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/website-design/website-design-essential-website-pages/#respond Wed, 17 Jun 2020 00:45:07 +0000 http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/?p=2970 Okay, guys, welcome to Module #1. In this module, our expert will be looking at essential website pages. So get ready to take some notes and let’s jump right in. Alright, guys. So what are the critical Must have pages of any business website. Now there’s three very fundamental things that your website should convey. […]

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Okay, guys, welcome to Module #1.

In this module, our expert will be looking at essential website pages.

So get ready to take some notes and let’s jump right in. Alright, guys.

So what are the critical Must have pages of any business website.

Now there’s three very fundamental things that your website should convey.

Number one who we are number two, what we offer and number three, how or where you can do business with us.

And there’s some basic pages that could help you convey those three things and there’s plenty of different ways to do it.

We’re gonna look at two examples today.

The 1st 1 here is a barbershop website template from Weebly.

The other one is a car repair shop website template from Wix’s, and they all have the same basic structure and convey the same basic messages.

They do a good job of getting those three pieces of information that we just talked about across.

Now we’re actually going to save the home page for last because there’s some more specialized comments about the home page that I want to get into because the home page is kind of versatile and it can be used for a whole lot of different things.

So we’re gonna start with services here and services in this case is what they’re offering.

If you offer products or if you’re a restaurant or something, Obviously this might be a menu page for restaurants.

If you sell goods, it would be a products page.

But this is basically what we offers products, slash services, and in this case you can see $55 for a shave and a haircut.

45 bucks here.

How the schedule appointment and some photos to sort of reinforce what it is that they offer.

So that’s their services.

Next, the about page that the amount page is really an opportunity for you to tell your story.

Get your brand identity across, you know, touch base, build some rapport and some affinity with your audience a little bit.

In this case, you’ve got sort of a story of the founders probably would go inside of this template, and then you’ve got here and updates.

Page now updates in their case just means block.

Okay, block and a lot of businesses, including local businesses, air getting into blogging because they understand that content number one people do like to consume content.

But perhaps more importantly, content is something that Google loves, and so local business websites can rank higher.

If they have a lot of content on them, then we’ve got contact us.

Contact information is pretty straightforward.

In this case, it’s an address and the location.

Obviously, that would really be a phone number here, maybe an email address, that sort of thing.

This is just a template.

essential website pages

Like I said, one thing that you really want to consider for local businesses.

This really helps customers out and against your website a little bit of a wow factor that is, embedding an actual instance of Google maps on your site that shows people literally exactly where you are.

You will increase your foot traffic if you do this kind of thing before we come back to home page.

Let’s go through this whole gambit of pieces of information and pages on that other website that I told you about, which is this one, the car repair and renovation specialist website here again, this is a template from WIX’s, and it gives us a good idea good wire frame of the pages that a website should consist of.

Now we’ll go through the home page here again, very last in the case of this template and the other one just because there’s a lot to say about home pages there, they’re a little bit more versatile.

Let’s go straight to services.

This is what we offer repairs, upholstery, paint, work.

Just getting that point across.

If you wanted to add pricing and more details here, you could.

In fact, it’s recommended on a products and services page to be as thorough as you can Our work in this case, this is a portfolio.

This is a good one toe have.

It’s not one of those core absolute must kind of things.

It’s not one of those three absolute must pieces of information, but it is a good idea to have a portfolio page.

And, yes, these are all considered different pages here.

In a sense, this is a new type of Web site theme where all the pages are sort of on one page and when you click on the menu items that just scrolls down to that portion.

But it is a good idea to have a portfolio page here.

Next we’ve got the about us Page.

And once again, you’re just telling a story here who you are, why people should do business with you.

Contact, page, address, email, phone and, in this case, hours of business and a form where they can contact you.

This is pretty basic guys.

Pretty simple stuff.

In this case, these guys actually go a step further.

They’re gonna book online page and you can actually book and start a business transaction basically straight from the website, which is good.

Obviously, that depends on what kind of business you have.

You can do that with every single type of website or every type of business per’se, but this is a nice little touch here.

So now let’s talk about the home page and why it’s so special.

There’s a lot of differing opinion on how you should use a home page.

Probably the most important thing that you can use a home page for.

It’s gonna be conveying a unique selling proposition because unless you’re in some type of brand new just recently tapped into market, the chances are the business that you’re doing this Web design service four or your own business.

If you’re using this course to create your own website has a lot of competitors, and so the question is, why should they do business with you?

What is your unique selling proposition?

And you have an opportunity on your home page to convey that they don’t really convey that here.

It could be conveyed in the about US section, but it’s really something you want to try and convey above the fold.

So just as an example, if you were looking at pizza restaurants in your local area, you might come across Papa John’s and Papa John’s right there at the top of their page might say something like Better pizza.

Better ingredient, No better ingredients.

Better pizza.

Papa John’s That’s what it was.

And that’s their unique selling proposition that you’re gonna pay a little bit more, but because you’re getting gourmet fresh ingredients and a better, more valuable pizza.

But if you want to another persons website, let’s say your local Domino’s chain you might see their unique selling proposition conveyed on their home page 30 minutes or less, or it’s free 30 minutes or it’s free, I think was the old slogan for Domino’s.

In their case, they’re appealing to a different audience.

They’re saying themselves apart.

It’s cheaper pizza, less expensive.

It’s for the college kids who just want cheap pizza.

That tastes good right now.

They want quick, and they want less expensive.

That’s a different, unique selling proposition.

Okay, so how can you convey you or your clients?

Unique selling proposition on a home page is probably the most important thing that you can put here.

Let’s get this one out of the way real quick.

Let’s have a look at the home page of the barbershop right here.

You might have on opportunity to convey your unique selling proposition right at the very top.

Now, these guys are sort of doing multiple things.

You know, those those three core things we talked about that you use different pages for in their case, they’re doing those also reiterating them on their home base so everyone can see what they have to offer and and who they are in their story and that kind of stuff.

So right here you’ve got welcome to South Corner, and here is sort of an about US story that you might also find on the about page.

In this case, they’ve got on their home page.

They’re trying to build some report and establish their brand identity here.

They’ve got schedule an appointment buttons here.

So you don’t have to go to a different page due to do that, necessarily.

They’ve got meet the owners, right?

So the story of the founders again more about us type stuff to build some report.

They’ve got a gallery of, you know, past services.

Maybe in this case, this.

Like I said, it’s a website template from we believe so they can’t quite make up their mind whether this is a gallery of products or in this case, it looks like it would be used more for a portfolio.

So images of what you’ve done showcasing your services.

And then again, the contact US page type stuff is found here at the bottom of the home page as well.

Hours of operation and ah called action here, and there are little embedded maps of people know where to find them.

So that’s basically why I wanted to save the home page for last, because home pages can do a lot of things.

In many cases, they’ll be used for reiterating some of those other core things that you want to convey.

On other pages.

You can reiterate those re convey them on your home page because a lot of people, maybe they get to your website and they’re not gonna click through all your different pages.

But I would say the most important thing to do on the home page is to convey a unique selling proposition and give someone a quick and clear idea right there.

Right then why they should be interested in doing business with you instead of a competitive ER.

So I mentioned Wicks.

I mentioned Weebly.

We used to templates for these examples here just to go through the core pages that make up a standard, typical business website.

And now it’s time to actually talk about Wix.

Talk about wearily as well as WordPress and a couple other different options that you can utilize to really start building these websites either a website for yourself or websites for clients.

If that’s what you’re sitting out to do.

So let’s do that in the next module

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Website Design Course – How To Create An Effective Website For Your Business http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/website-design/website-design-course-how-to-create-an-effective-website-for-your-business/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=website-design-course-how-to-create-an-effective-website-for-your-business http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/website-design/website-design-course-how-to-create-an-effective-website-for-your-business/#respond Tue, 16 Jun 2020 00:45:44 +0000 http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/?p=2968   Hello and welcome to this course on website design. In this course, we’re going to cover how to create an effective website for your business. This course is divided into three modules. Module #1 looks at essential website pages. Module #2 covers, website design tools and platforms, and Module #3 covers the actual page […]

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Hello and welcome to this course on website design.

In this course, we’re going to cover how to create an effective website for your business.

This course is divided into three modules.

Module #1 looks at essential website pages.

Module #2 covers, website design tools and platforms, and Module #3 covers the actual page design process.

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization.

By the time this course is over, you’ll know how to effectively plan out and create an awesome website for your business. So without further ado, let’s move on to the first module.

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Search Engine Optimization Module 03 – SEO Tools, Services and Outsourcing http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/seo/seo-tools-services/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=seo-tools-services http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/seo/seo-tools-services/#respond Wed, 10 Jun 2020 00:16:29 +0000 http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/?p=2957 TRANSCRIPTION: All right. Welcome to Module #3. This module our expert will teach you about SEO Tools, Services and outsourcing. So get ready to take some notes and let’s jump right in. All right, So, as you saw from lesson one and two SEO can take up a lot of time. Search engine optimization is […]

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All right. Welcome to Module #3.

This module our expert will teach you about SEO Tools, Services and outsourcing.

So get ready to take some notes and let’s jump right in. All right, So, as you saw from lesson one and two SEO can take up a lot of time.

Search engine optimization is a very careful, methodical process that’s gonna eat up a lot of your time or one of your team members time as kind of difficult.

So let’s look at some things that we’re gonna make it easier and make it consume less of your time.

First off, Yoast SEO is a plug in for WordPress.

That’s gonna handle your on site SEO stuff.

Now, most of you remember if we come over here to the blog post that we’re missing with beckon listen to what this does for you.

Is that basically scans your content pieces, your blog posts your pages and so on, and it gives you scores.

It gives you readability scores, gives you your keyword ranking.

Score specifically how well you’re using your keywords and key phrases in your content.

You know your H one tags your each to tags the actual paragraph content itself internal, linking external, linking all that good stuff.

So you can see a lot of that stuff in here and you can manipulate a lot of it in here and make sure that you’re onsite SEO is as good as it possibly can get.

Most of these tools that we’re gonna look at, though, are for back legs.

Most of them are for offsite seo.

So first off, there’s Broken Link Builder.

Now, this is a very, very neat piece of software that will actually go out and find pages for you that have broken links on them.

And then you can reach out to those people and say, Hey, this link is broken, but I have a block post or a page or a content piece that I think your audience will find useful.

It’s in the same topic area, and since I brought this to your attention, would you mind replacing that link with my link?

This is where you really roll up your sleeves.

You get your hands a little bit dirty.

You get into the nitty gritty of actually reaching out to these people in creating those human real genuine and organic back links.

And this software, the Broken Link Builder, is a great way to not have to manually go out there and crawl the Web and trying to find broken links on blog’s and websites in your niche.

This will find it all for you.

Next, there’s pitch box now pitch boxes pretty phenomenal.

It’s actually pretty hard to believe what they’ve done here.

They’ve actually taken the concept of reaching out to Web property owners and asking for back links, and they’ve turned it into basically a CRM.

I mean, this is this looks like a CRM.

This looks like an email, marketing software something, however, when these guys talk about campaigns and stuff there specifically referring to reaching out to influencers and high authority Web pages.

So what these guys will do is you can actually search for websites that it would be good for you and your niche toe have high authority back links from, and it even has their contact information.

That’s what makes this special.

It gives you their social media profiles.

They’re they’re contact us info and stuff so that you can send them an email or a Facebook message or a tweet or whatever and say, Hey, can I get a back link?

And I, you know, set up a deal where you know, I write, Ah, block post for you and you do a guest block post for us and we can swap back links in that sort of thing.

So there’s a whole science behind this, and it’s very data driven, and pitch box makes it very easy to do.

They even have automated follow up sequences okay for messaging these people and stuff like that.

So it’s pretty spectacular.

This is a very, very useful tool that’ll come in handy if you’re trying to automate a certain portion of finding contact info for those Web properties and following up with him.

Next, There’s Back Link Tracker.

Now this is pretty special.

It obviously tracks your back links.

I mean, that’s a very basic function.

However, it also helps you keep an eye on and analyze your competitors back links, which you saw already you can do over in moves, but in this case this is very special.

They actually monitor your competitors back links, and whenever your competitors er gets a new back link, you get a message you get an email saying, Hey, your competitor Website just gotta back link from You know, robot vacuums are us dot com, and so you can actually stay neck and neck with them.

You can keep up in the sort of arms race of back linking by literally going to that same site and seeing if it’s possible for you to get it back link from that same Web property.

So this is really, really a great way to keep you in the competition, keep you in the game in a Realtor time, actually sending you emails with information every time that your competitors get a new back link.

That is pretty impressive.

Pretty powerful stuff, and it’ll help you.

Ah, lot now the next one I want to talk about here is specific.

To local, it’s called a white spark.

Now White Sparks local Citation Finder is pretty sweet.

It finds citations from anywhere so business listings and directories, which is great for practical purposes because local businesses confined citations on databases or directories that they didn’t even know existed.

For example, Yelp is one that most people know exist.

However, there’s plenty out there that people have not thought of, and when they find those, they could go in there and actually create a proper listing of their business gate.


You’ll help them get foot traffic into their stores.

However, citations also refers to everything that we would just refer to his back links in the regular non-local SEO World case of blog’s digital magazines We keys or I kind of stuff.

So what you can do here is you can find key phrases, so you type in, for example, over here it says dentists.

But you could put in a barbecue restaurant or something like that.

And it’ll create multiple variations of that word specifically having to do with your local areas of different cities and zip codes and county names.

And you know, different phrases that have to do with your local area that people might be using to search when they want to go eat at your restaurant or they need a dental appointment or something like that.

So that’s very useful here.

The big thing here, however, is identifying your top ranking competitors and allowing you to analyze and spy on their citations as well, so you can actually go out there Let’s say that you’ve got a competing barbecue restaurant and you find out that they’re actually listed on a popular food critique.

blog, so that you’re in the Chicago area.

You’ve got a barbecue restaurant.

You confed her across the street.

He’s ringing way up there, high above you, and you’re wondering why.

And you find out that there is a ship.

You know, Chicago’s best eats kind of blog, where there’s a food critic who comments on local restaurants.

And now you know that that guy has a back link from that block and you can reach out to that guy and say, Hey, why don’t you come to my restaurant?

You know, I’ll fix you up a meal and you can tell us what you think of it and, you know, maybe give us Ah ah, a little bit of love on your block.

So it’s the same basic thing as online or non local SCL like we’ve been talking about, but in this case it’s at a local level.

And then there’s Discover citation opportunities, which is not competitors specific.

It just helps you get out there and find relevant sites where you could get citations and those would help you with your local listings.

This is absolute gold for local businesses, whether you are a local business or if you offer this is a service as Seo services to local businesses.

Now let’s acknowledge that these tools, all these tools that we’ve looked at are certainly gonna make SEO a little bit easier, and they’re gonna help you get it done in less time.

However, it’s still a lot of stuff.

Even with these tools, he’s still gotta dedicate a lot of time toe on site and off site SEO So what is the ultimate solution to really taking this kind of your hands getting it done?

But without taking up too much time, it’s hiring a virtual assistant.

That’s really simple.

So this is a website called online jobs dot ph.

It specializes helping people outsource to the Philippines.

It’s a big old database of resumes and job seekers, people who want to work from home in the Philippines started by a guy named John Jonas.

It’s a very popular website, very trusted website, and Filipinos aren’t excellent, excellent way toe outsource tasks in your business.

Filipinos have English as one of their primary language is officially so.

They speak fantastic English, almost no accent at all, and they type excellent English as well.

And yet, because of the difference in the buying power of the US dollar, you can hire Filipinos for a very, very small amount of money.

So a lot of these folks will work 30 to 40 hour weeks and only expect, you know, $300 or so per month as their salary.

It’s it’s pretty impressive.

Pretty useful.

Four businesses were trying to outsource stuff, and it’s a fantastic way to take Seo off of your plate and hand it to someone else.

So let’s go ahead and come in here.

We’re gonna click on skills to Filter, recommended a marketing and sales, and we’re gonna click on SEO and that we want that set at five stars.

Okay, let’s go ahead and hit refined search results.

And here we have some S E o results.

Now, these are people who can build your back links or some of them are just content writers.

They just write content for you.

If you want.

Remember, content is probably the most important part of SEO So you tell them what the topic is with the focus.

Keywords and key phrases are and they’ll come up with your content for you.

So you have to write block posts and stuff.

Okay, so we’ve got one here.

Whose when you work for 3 88 a month s seo search engine optimization.

Search engine marketing you’ve got, uh, let’s see another one.

Here s e o and s. Mm.


485 bucks.

We’ve got an SEO  specialist here.

He’s asking for 100 bucks.

We’ve got ah, SEO, assistant and link builder.

He specifies that he’s familiar with back linking.

Okay, 291 bucks per month since is pretty impressive stuff.

SEO specialist here for 3 88 45 Another SEO expert to 91 SEO. Here 3 88 So, as you can see, this is a great way to find someone.

And you don’t just hire these people as freelancers says not like going to fiver or something.

You’re not hiring them for a project, although you theoretically could you know, you’re certainly welcome to reach out to these people and ask if they’re interested in the short term project.

However, most of the folks on here are looking for a permanent position.

Okay, And that’s another benefit here is you’re not gonna get someone who’s gonna take some money and then off they go.

And hopefully they did a good job.

This is someone who is going to take upon themselves the burden and the accountability of permanently being on your team and having to always do a good job if they want to maintain their employment.

This is a great way to bring someone on your team and you don’t have to pay.

By the way, you know it SEO is not something that takes up 40 hours a week.

You can pay these people for just 10 or 20 hours a week.

You know, it all depends on what they’re open to be.

You’ll notice a lot of these folks have ranges and their salaries, and that’s because they’re willing to work a range of time so some of them will take on a job.

You know, let’s say you only need them for 10 maybe 15 20 hours a week, doing your back linking for you doing all that outreach reaching out to the people who own those websites.

So you don’t have to, you know, it’s it’s a great way to take SEO off of your plate, put on someone else’s plate and still get those things done.

And even if these folks are not super skilled in certain aspects of it and they just have a general familiarity with the SEO, remember, all they’re gonna learn is the same thing you would have learned if you were gonna do it by yourself anyway, you know, so they don’t have to be super experts.

When you were going to start using pitch box, that tool we talked about earlier that helps you find the contact info for high authority websites that you can get back links from.

You were going to sit through all the tutorials for pitch box weren’t yet, so why not just have them sit through it, then learn how to use it?

Same thing with the broken link builder.

Same thing with the local Citation finder.

All this good stuff.

Just teach them how to do it or have them sit through all the training and the tutorials and so on and so forth and have them do it so that you don’t have to.

And we both know if you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re having someone else do it for you, it’s much more likely to actually get done.

Because SEO is the epitome of overwhelming work.

And when we get overwhelmed with work as entrepreneurs sometimes guess what we don’t end up doing it.

So this is a great way to make sure the work gets done and that it doesn’t take up too much of your time.

So I really encourage you guys to not just use all those cool tools that we just showed you, but also bring on an actual human onto your team.

Who can do this stuff for you, who can learn it if they don’t know it already or if they already know it great.

But they can do it for you So it a gets done be doesn’t take up too much of your time and see, in the case of outsourcing to the Philippines doesn’t cost you too much.

So that’s it for the SEO Course.

Remember, you wanna research your keywords, you wanna create content and optimize on site to make sure that you get as much kudos and cool points from Google and their algorithm as possible.

And then it’s all about offsite.

Back links back links back links.

We’ve gone over some great tools that will help you build those back links very quickly.

And I highly recommend just the icing on the cake.

Hire a virtual assistant and have them do it all. Learn it all and do it all for you.

SEO Tools - Ubersuggest

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Search Engine Optimization Module 02 – On Site And Off Site Optimization http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/seo/on-site-and-off-site-optimization/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=on-site-and-off-site-optimization http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/seo/on-site-and-off-site-optimization/#respond Tue, 09 Jun 2020 15:10:37 +0000 http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/?p=2948 Search Engine Optimization Module 02 - On Site And Off Site Optimization https://youtu.be/Yl_eAzDu8cI Course Provider: Organization Course Provider Name: Horne Media Group - Anthony Horne Course Provider URL: https://wiseintro.co/hornemediagroup Editor's Rating: 5 Hey, folks, welcome to module to and this module our expert will cover on site and off site optimization. So let’s get ready […]

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Search Engine Optimization Module 02 - On Site And Off Site Optimization


Course Provider: Organization

Course Provider Name: Horne Media Group - Anthony Horne

Course Provider URL: https://wiseintro.co/hornemediagroup

Editor's Rating:

Hey, folks, welcome to module to and this module our expert will cover on site and off site optimization.

So let’s get ready to take some nets and let’s jump right in. All right, So the most important thing when you’re doing SEO on site or on page it’s gonna be content.

Content is everything!

You wanna make sure it’s keyword reach is what you want.

Make sure that’s natural, real natural content.

Because Google’s algorithms, believe it or not, I can tell the difference between something that was sort of forced and faked and put together purely for the purpose of keyword stuffing versus something that’s actually naturally written by a human.

Now, this is a very long, keyword rich article right here.

This is a great great block post.

There’s a few things you can do throughout your content, whether it be a page or a block post like this.

That ensures that you maximize the potential points, if you will, that Google’s algorithms will give you step one you want.

Make sure that your keyword that you’re trying to rank for your key phrase is in the title itself, and if it’s verbatim in there, that’s even better.

The next thing you can do is make sure that your subheadings also have that, because the way that your pages laid out if you actually dig into the HTML is different, chunks of text are broken up into things that have tags.

Okay, so the title of your page that’s basically your H1, meaning your primary headline, your H1 tag and that from the perspective of Google’s algorithms, has a certain amount of points or a certain amount of value, Right?

Well, your subheadings do as well you want to make sure and do is put your keywords or key phrases into subheadings like this and make sure that they’re appropriately labelled.

So right here you can click inside of the newer WordPress editor and make sure that’s a science and H2 tag so that Google knows that this is a subheading okay?

Or a sub headline, and the same thing exists over here in this settings.

You can adjust that there as well.

So it’s important to understand that simply going into textual content and making one line of it, you know, tall and bold, does not necessarily make it a sub headline in Google’s I. So this is actually very important to go through here.

And with WordPress, it’s easier than ever.

All right, So make sure your sub headlines those text boxes are assigned each two tags.

And if you have sub sub headlines, a feel free to use h three h four and so on.

But make sure those air appropriately labelled The next thing is to make sure that your keywords air simply used organically throughout the content will get an equitable and and thorough fashion.

All right, you’re not keyword stuffing here.

You’re not over doing it because Google will notice that as well.

And you’re also not acting like a robot and just putting the exact 100% same key phrase over and over and over again, either.

Okay, You wanna, you know, mix and match.

I mean, you definitely want to have a handful of the exact key phrase in here.

However, you also want to mix and match with different variations.

So plural here.


A different definite article over there.

Apostrophe here, possessive there, maybe even some synonyms from time to time.

You want, make sure it’s very organic as well.

The next thing you can do is everybody first off should be using some type of an Seo tool or plug in like Yoast  is probably the best one out there.

And what you conduce do is actually manipulate the meta tags for your website.

So with Yoast s so you can come right in here and you can add a little meta description of this is a pretty short meta description here.

All right, you’re should be a little bit longer here.

You want to shoot four around, you know, 100 120 characters and this is what people see when they see your website or Web page in the search results.

They see that little snippet there, um, as sort of a preview underneath the main heading of the search results.

Next, there’s a slug.

OK, which is the actual sort of u R L after the main domain of your website and that should be keyword rich as well.

You can check the analytics for your focus key phrase.

So in our case, are focused.

Key phrase right now is robot vacuums for pet hair, and you’ll see all sorts of things in it to do list here.

Okay, You’ll notice there’s no internal links on this page.

There should be internal linking its very important to Google.

Key phrase in the introduction, Your key phrase where it’s synonyms do not appear in the first paragraph.

So we want to go back up there to that first paragraph and make sure that the first paragraph uses are key phrase.

If that’s one of the main things that we want to ring for key phrase density, it’s only found one time at least verbatim.

In the article, it recommends seven times for this length of text, key phrase and subheadings.

Use more key phrases or cinemas in your higher level subheadings that’s referring to those H two and H three tags that we talked about.

It also tell you what you’re doing.


You’ve got lots of outbound links in this article.

That’s good a lot.

People think you don’t want outbound links because you want people to stay on your site.

People will leave your sight no matter what.

You want to do it on your terms.

And fact is, Google loves outbound links because that tells them that you’re a useful and helpful sites.

He’ll rank higher key for his length.

That’s good for the one that we’re targeting here.

Uh, text length is pretty good.

That’s Ah, a long article.

Google’s gonna like that because they love content, right?

And some of the more important ones here.

Key phrase.

The exact match appears in the title at the beginning of our article.

Okay, so that’s good.

Google’s gonna love that title Wits, good job and key phrase in slug.

Like we said, the slug itself right here.

Contains are key phrase so you can see all that point value stuff.

There’s plenty of other stuff that you can do as well to increase your on site or on Page Seo number one.

You want to make sure its mobile optimized mobile optimized your entire website because Google cares about that, and you’re gonna lose points if it’s not mobile optimized, and the next thing you would do is find ways to increase your stick, duration your stick rate on your site, Google nose.

If people show up on your site and then immediately leave, okay, they have that data.

They know what’s going on, and if people show up on your site and then they leave within the 1st 10 seconds.

That tells them that your site is not what people want, and that’s what Google cares about.

What do people want?

So here’s some things you can do to increase your stick.


Number one, you can add a video.


Videos are fantastic because people click and they watch them.

And that increases the amount of time of this down your page if they want to keep watching the video.

So if you can have a compelling video that people are gonna click and watch and stay on your site for a little while, that’s gonna increase your stick rate.

And Google is gonna like you more.

You can also just make sure your content is actually relevant to the targeted keywords.

If people actually find on your page the things that they’re looking for, they’re not gonna leave to make sure your stuff reads well.

And that’s where the readability analysis comes in. Andy, With Yoast here, people would say this in a technical sense, doesn’t have anything to do with the CEO.

Indirectly, it does.

Okay, the easier it is and more enjoyable it is to read your content.

The more likely people are going to stay on your page long.

Okay, so the longer people stick around, the better.

So there’s a couple of things that you can do like that to increase the amount of time people spend on your page.

Now, Google also loves multimedia.

So in addition, toe videos being good because they increase your stick rate.

The fact that you have videos, especially if they’re embeds of YouTube videos, by the way, because Google likes YouTube because they own you, too.

That could be useful simply because it’s a type of content that Google knows people like.

However, you could also ADM or images.

All right, this here is a very image rich post, and Google notices those images, and you get cool points for that.

Okay, your ranking.

It’s gonna be better if you have more images, more rich media.

Other thing you can do is ensure that those images have actual file names that match your keywords.

Okay, so if your image file names are keyword rich and that also, if someone comes over to your website and they hover over an image or they hold down the old button, it’s not happening here. but it would happen on the actual published version of the page.

They can see and name.

It’s called the Altar title.

You want to make sure you’re all title is keyword specific as well.

You want to make sure all these different things on your page or keyword rich.

And finally, the other thing that we already mentioned a little bit earlier.

Internal linking an external linking okay, Google loves when you make it easy for people to find things both on your site and other people’s sites.

Okay, so if you have internal linking to other blog posts, other articles on your website, that’s great.

And if you have external linking and you’re opening yourself up to the outside world and recommending good stuff and sending people in other directions, all this stuff tells Google that you are a real signed, a really human site that’s actually trying to be helpful, and you’re going to increase in your rankings.

So that’s on site or on Page s CEO, and that’s about all you can do is make sure your content is great, and all those are the things we talked about beyond that, if you want to rise up in the search rankings.

It’s gonna come down toe off site s CEO and what’s offsite Seo?

Basically, it’s back.

Links back links form the core of off site SEO.

In fact, Google has publicly revealed that the two most important things to them the things that give you the most points inside of their Google algorithm or content, which is on site and back links nothing else matters as much.

Being mobile responsive doesn’t matter as much.

The stick rate doesn’t matter as much.

Rich media doesn’t necessarily matter as much at the end of the day that two things that are the most important our content and links.

So here’s what you do.

You come over here to Google once again, we’re utilizing Google, and we’re gonna look for robot vacuum block What you’re looking for here are different sites that create content articles, block posts and so on about robot vacuums or whatever it is that you specialize it and you want to reach out to these different top ranking sites because they’re at the top of Google.

So you know they have high link authority, you know that they have a lot of link juice A lot of value.

You take these and see if you can somehow get one of your links on them.


The old school way of doing it used to be just to go to their blog’s and go to the comments section.

So let’s go to this one here, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the block post and make a comment with your link in the comment now that today it’s not technically spam per se.

But today it’s pretty much universally considered spam, and Google does not reward that nearly as much as they used to.

In fact, if you do too much of it, you can actually get slapped.

Okay, so you don’t wanna do that anymore.

What you want to do is form actual strategic partnerships with these sites like this one, that robot cleaner store, and you have other sites out there that you confront that also rank high in and produce content for your niche.

Like right here.

Scary mommy dot com looks like she’s got a somewhat humorous, blogged post about robot vac use here.

We’ve got treacle automatic robot vacuum, how I made my choice.

Lots of review type stuff, right?

Talking about whether you should get a robot vacuum cleaner, these air, all blog’s and websites that you could reach out to and make a guest post.

Okay, it’s basically reach out to them, send them an email and say, Hey, I’ve got some impressive content or important content that could be useful to your audience.

Can I make a guest post and link back to my site and they might want something in return.

Maybe they want a residual guest post from your site to theirs, you know?

So you’ve got to sort of get in there and engage in some business dealing with these other sites in order to get these high authority back links.

Now that’s one way to do it.

But one of the quickest ways to do it is literally just to find the highest ranking sites for your specific keyword and spy on.

Figure out where they’re getting their back legs.

If you can emulate.

If you can mimic their back link profile considerably, that’ll be particularly beneficial because you know that they’re back.

Ling Strategy is working.

They’re right here at the top of Google, so you could grab this one.

Here, grab this girl right there.

Doesn’t really matter too much.

What’s in this article were interested in what’s linking to this article.

So let’s come over here to Moses and Link Explorer, which is a free resource.

Women paste, that you are all here.

Exact page.

We want the links that are coming to that specific page because a lot of these sites aren’t necessarily going to be on Lee specific to your niche and your topic.

So, for example, Tom’s is known for all sorts of hardware and software related stuff, right?

We only care about this particular page of theirs were their ranking for robots vacuums.

So this is the exact page here.

That’s the aural.

We’re gonna hit search, and once that’s a little bit, we’re gonna come over here to inbound links and this is it.

This is their back legs.

Do you understand how valuable this is to see where they are back linking from where their son is getting linked?

Now that is pretty darn neat.

And what you can then do is follow up with these specific sites and try to get your site linked from these sites as well, and it looks like it’s mostly blog and content sites that they’ve got these links coming from.

So you can click on one of the East, follow through to the site and ask them, Hey, what do I need to do to get it back?

Like we could do a favor for them?

One very common thing is to find broken links or old, outdated, expired links on someone else’s blog, and you’re the one who pointed those out to them.

So that’s sort of a favor.

In return, you’re saying, Hey, by the way, you could also link to my site.

You could replace that old broken link with one to my site, which deals with the same kind of issues.

That’s a very common form of doing it.

But at the end of the day, it all comes down to outreach manual organic real, human to human outreach.

You do not.

I say again, you do not want to rely on databases, were having some freelance or go out there and create a bunch of, you know, fake, totally generic non-organic back links for you.

A lot of people do that.

Google is not stupid.

They’ve been doing this for over a decade now for two decades now or more, and their algorithm knows everything.

So you want to make sure that you have super high quality organic human made back links from high ranking sites or hide to domain authority sites?

In fact, let me give you an example of what not ever, ever, ever to do never come here to fiver and pay for a gig where they promised to give you thousands of social bookmarks or profile back links for your site.

Never do this.

Please, never, ever do this.

Here’s another one one million back links.

Do you know what’s gonna happen to your site?

If you use something like this, Google’s going to slap the heck out of you.

You’re gonna be shooting yourself in the foot.

The ratio is gonna be completely destroyed.

So please don’t do this back.

Links should be human to human.

The only exception to that would be your own content outside of your site.

So your social profiles or other people’s social profiles that you know, you know, as long as it stays organic, you can do some of that kind of stuff, you know, if if you’re active on social media and your linking back to your site, I’m not saying that social links hurt you, but that’s organic.

And that’s riel going to.

I mean, these people.

How do you think they deliver one million back links?

How do you think they deliver 600 social profile back legs?

Because they do it for hundreds of other people, too.

And Google’s algorithm identifies those social profiles and those sources of links as places that are basically, you know, spammy links created purely to artificially get people higher up in the search rankings.

And it might work for for a week or two.

It might work at first, but it’ll always come back to bite us.

Don’t do this.

One exception would be press releases.

Okay, if you go toe PR Web or PR Newswire and you pay money to have someone write up and submit press releases about your business, were about you know, your campaign or whatever, whatever the item in question is, and they send it out to a whole bunch of different news networks and news websites, that can actually have a positive effect because those different sites do in fact, have high authority and credibility in the eyes of Google and investing in press releases is something that a lot of legitimate businesses do.

So that would be one method of actually getting yourself out there.

However, make sure you’re not going this route.

Don’t don’t go and find ah, micro job or Gig website and have someone mass produced a whole bunch of spammy links.

It’s gonna hurt you quit a bit, so that’s it for on and off site SEO.

In this lesson, as you can tell, there’s a lot of work that goes into this a lot of time, a lot of communication, a lot of manual hands on tasks.

However, there is a way to save on some of the time, outsource it a little bit and make the process a whole lot easier and faster.

We’re gonna discuss all of those ways in the next module.



Search Engine Optimization Module 02 - On Site And Off Site Optimization


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Search Engine Optimization Module 01 – Researching Keywords http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/digital-marketing/search-engine-optimization-on-site-and-off-site-optimization/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=search-engine-optimization-on-site-and-off-site-optimization http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/digital-marketing/search-engine-optimization-on-site-and-off-site-optimization/#respond Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:15:31 +0000 http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/?p=2945 TRANSLATION: This module our expert will cover researching keywords. So get ready to take some notes and let’s jump right in. Alright, guys. So the first thing we’re gonna do is specific research because you can’t optimize for anything without knowing what people are searching for. Right? So if you’re gonna rank for anything online, […]

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TRANSLATION: This module our expert will cover researching keywords.

So get ready to take some notes and let’s jump right in. Alright, guys.

So the first thing we’re gonna do is specific research because you can’t optimize for anything without knowing what people are searching for.


So if you’re gonna rank for anything online, you’ve got to do keyword research at a very specific and deliberate plan.

For what?


You’re gonna optimize four.

Now, the Internet is pretty saturated these days.

The good old days of optimizing for one main short keyword like organic gardening and getting page one rankings are long gone.

And then the good old days that came after that were all you needed was one long tail keyword.

And you could use that as your domain name.

Well, that’s long gone to Google doesn’t work that way anymore.

So today, keyword research needs to be more robust, and it needs to focus on finding multiple long tail keywords that you can optimize your site for for example, organic gardening on a small budget or best fertilizer for organic marketing.

You know, that kind of thing.

So for our example today, let’s say you’re creating a site where you sell robot vacuums.

Either you sell them directly yourself for maybe you’ve just got one of those affiliate sites and you make commission on them when people read your content and click your links and go buy them somewhere else.

So a great way to start looking for different medium to long tail keywords for robot vacuums is to literally go into google dot com and type in the first words or the main words of your topics.

Let’s do that.

Let’s do robot vacuum.

All right, Now, you have seen this 1000 times, but I bet you didn’t realize that this little drop down of recommended searches here was an S e o gold mine.

Google generates this list here based on frequent related searches that are actually happening.

So you get an idea of what search terms are trending.

Now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take some of these keywords and some similar spinoffs, and we’re gonna put them into Google’s own keyword research tool, which is a free resource inside of Google ads.

All right, so we’re gonna come up here to our Google ads account and inside of our Google ads account, it’s called the Keyword Planner Tool.

We’re over here to get search volume and forecasts and right here I’ve pulled sort of, Ah, Martha Stewart and I’ve already got my list of items right here in a document.

Only copy this and I’ll paste them right here and we’ll get started.

So here’s a bunch of data on these keywords.

Keep in mind Google ads as an overall platform is primarily geared towards people buying paid ads.

So there’s a lot of information here that isn’t super important to us, you know, such as anticipated costs per click.

That sort of thing we really want to know is how often people are actually searching for these on a monthly basis.

So we’re gonna come up here and click on historical metrics.

As you can see in the second column here, it tells us how many monthly searches this receives now.

It’s a broader range.

It’s kind of unfortunate.

Google actually changed this a few years ago.

It used to actually show you a pretty pretty tight estimate, and now they say, just sort of groups them into broad ranges.

So 10,000 to 100,000 searches per month.

1 1000 to 10,000. You know there’s a 10 to 100. Even there’s 100 to 1000.

So it’s pretty broad.

Which is kind of unfortunate, however, does give you a good idea of how popular these search terms are and how likely you are to, uh, have people coming to your site if you rank for these.

So, for the most part, these all have a great deal of monthly searches.

Okay, I just, uh, rearranged it by average monthly searches, we can see certainly the top ones there.

And you might be tempted to say, Just go with the highest ones, right?

And you certainly could do that.

But keep in mind you’re competing with a lot of people here.

You’re not likely to rank for those very top ones very soon.

So you want to optimize for some of the ones in the middle as well?

Okay, now, check me the stats for the key words we came up with is not the only thing we can do here.

Let’s also come up here to keywords ideas.

And in here we’re gonna paste the list that we already used earlier, We’re gonna click, get results.

So here what’s happening is Google is actually using its brain, using its data to suggest similar keywords for us so you can actually scroll through these and see a whole lot of medium to long tail keywords that you may not have thought of, as well as the average monthly searches for each one.

You can research these a little bit further and see if there’s one that you hadn’t thought of that’s long, very specific, has a reasonable amount of monthly searches and that you can optimize four to increase your chances of ranking for this topic.

Now you want to say this is not the only way to research keywords.

There’s a lot of tools out there that will help your research even further will be going over those in the later module.

For now, you’ve got the basics of keyword research.

So now let’s go over to how toe actually put those keywords to use on your website came to get your website ranked four.

These keywords can We’re gonna do that in module #2.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – How To Properly Research Keywords http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/seo/search-engine-optimization-seo-how-to-properly-research-keywords/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=search-engine-optimization-seo-how-to-properly-research-keywords http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/seo/search-engine-optimization-seo-how-to-properly-research-keywords/#respond Sun, 07 Jun 2020 06:00:19 +0000 http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/?p=2939 Welcome to this e-course on Search Engine Optimization And this course we’re going to cover how to effectively optimize your Web pages for search engine ranking. This course is divided into three modules. Module #1 looks at researching keywords. Module #2 covers on site and off site optimization. In module #3 covers SEO tool’s, services […]

Horne Media Group - Digital Marketing Blog


Welcome to this e-course on Search Engine Optimization

And this course we’re going to cover how to effectively optimize your Web pages for search engine ranking.

This course is divided into three modules.

Module #1 looks at researching keywords.

Module #2 covers on site and off site optimization.

In module #3 covers SEO tool’s, services and outsourcing.

By the time this course is over, you’ll know how to effectively conduct search engine optimization for your business.

So without further ado, let’s move on to the first module.Search Engine Optimization

Horne Media Group - Digital Marketing Blog

http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/seo/search-engine-optimization-seo-how-to-properly-research-keywords/feed/ 0
Marketing Automation – How To Build Your First Work Flow From Scratch http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/marketing-automation/marketing-automation-work-flow/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=marketing-automation-work-flow http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/marketing-automation/marketing-automation-work-flow/#respond Fri, 29 May 2020 08:00:54 +0000 http://hmg.hornemediagroup.com/?p=2933 In this module, our expert will show you how to build your first marketing automation work flow from scratch. So get ready to take some notes and let’s jump right in. All right, so here we are on our blank canvas. We’re gonna take everything that we’ve learned so far about automation work flows, and […]

Horne Media Group - Digital Marketing Blog


In this module, our expert will show you how to build your first marketing automation work flow from scratch.

So get ready to take some notes and let’s jump right in. All right, so here we are on our blank canvas.

We’re gonna take everything that we’ve learned so far about automation work flows, and we’re gonna create our very own right here from scratch.

Now, what we’re gonna create is basically a welcome sequence where we deliver a lead magnet that somebody just opted in a four and we’re gonna try and up, sell them to a higher priced offer, and we’re going to do a couple other sort of peripheral things a same time.

Okay, so the first thing here is going to be a form submitted right click and drag that over here.

And when somebody submits the form on our opt in page than the action that we triggered because that one was a trigger here, the action is going to be that we’re going to add them to a list.

A corresponding list.

Click here and you would choose the list in question.

And the next step is going to be to send an email after they’ve been added to that list.

So send them an email and that email will be the welcome and delivery email.

Now, just so you know, in a sign of autopilot, all you would basically do in here is literally either taking existing a newsletter or email that you’ve created where you would create a new one and a pop up would show up and you would basically create your email right here inside of the work foot flow a creation page, which is very handy.

But before we go down that email route, we want to do those other two peripheral things that I mentioned.

So when somebody submits the form were also at the same time as all this other stuff is happening, were also going to add them to a custom Facebook audience, and we’re going to send them an SMS message.

Okay, we’re gonna pretend that we had a phone number field on that contact form.

Okay, add them to as a mess list and to send them SMS message thanking them for their order and telling them to check their email inbox for this email right here and this email right here.

Let’s go ahead and take advantage of the annotation tools here just so that we and our team understand.

And remember what we’re seeing.


And delivery.

Let’s call it well, just drank there, right here.

So whenever somebody is looking at this workflow, they understand what this email is.

And let’s see what’s at a 24 hour delay.

Let’s go ahead and grab this.

Stick it here on send.

So after this email is sent that will trigger a 24 hour delay left one day.


And then after that delay, we’re gonna set a condition.


We’re gonna see if they have, in fact, clicked on a link in this welcome email that was sending them to the up sell.

Okay, so let’s go ahead and look for our conditions here, which are at the bottom.

And we’re gonna put has visited page Ameri Graham this and bring it down here.

And then from this point forward, where they go in this journey is going to depend on whether or not it was Yes, Has not for excuse me?


Has not visited or yes, has visited.

Okay, so this is sort of a fork in the road.

So let’s say that they did not visit groups.

Click and drag.

We’re gonna put a check email status trigger here.

So not visited.

Check email status.

And if they did not even open that first email here, So let’s go ahead.

And actually just like this one, that’s just a placeholder there.

Publishing exit.

Okay, so if they did not open email one, which is over here, the welcome and delivery email.

If they did not, then we’re gonna want toe re send that email, okay?

Because that happens.

Sometimes people don’t check the welcome email or the delivery mail that they just got right after they opted in for something, so you send it a little bit later.

So in this case, if they have not opened, not open, we send them that email and let’s go ahead and annotate.

That’s that we understand.

Sore team understands what this email is.



Put that here.

And then when If they did open that email, we’ll send them a further up cell email if they did open.

And so we’ll continue the campaign.

We’re trying to up sell them right.

Let’s go ahead and annotate that as well up soon, just so we know what that email is for.

Now, let’s say that they did, in fact, click the link in this initial email and by the up sell that we were offering them.

Well, that brings us to this question.

What is this page here?

Okay, where did we put the pixel?

And we’re going to say that this page here is the successful check out page.

Okay, so the the order confirmation page after they’ve checked down after purchasing the up sell.

Okay, so if they have not visited that page, that means they still have not purchased.

That’s why we’re continuing the email experience here, right?

Which is ultimately designed to get them to buy.

But what if they did end up on that page?

Well, if they ended up on that page, that’s the indicator to us that they purchased the product in question.

And so let’s go ahead and do three other things.

If they did in fact, end up on that page and they purchased, we want Teoh number one.

Reagan with has visited number one.

Add them to a new list and that would be a customer list, right?

For people who bought the Upsell and then number two, we want to remove them from this list.


They’re no longer just prospects because they’ve purchased the offer.

And finally you were called this from module to.

We saw in a couple of examples will do it here as well.

If they visited, we will eject them from this journey.

Remember the logic there if they ended up on this page in order confirmation page.

So if they purchased, then they don’t need to continue getting these emails, you know, bothering them about purchasing the thing that they’ve already purchased.


So as soon as they’ve landed on this page immediately there would be ejected from this.

They don’t get any further e mails.

Okay, And that’s it.

That’s our little email automation experiment here.

OK, so it’s just recap we did Former submitted.

Somebody opted in for a lead magnet for a free gift of some sort.

We added them to a list at the same moment.

We also added them to a Facebook audience that in the background behind the scenes here, we could also have been retargeting them with that upscale offer via Facebook and SMS message reminding them to check their inbox to actually download the free gift.

And we also want them to check because there’s links in their offering them.

The up sell right one day delay after one day if they visited that page, which means if they ended up on the order confirmation So they purchased the up sell.

If they did, we removed them from this list.

We add them to a new list, which, you know, acknowledges that they are a customers that’s a buyer list there.

Then we eject them from this journey, and that’s it.

Okay, and nothing happens after that point.

They are basically cut off right here, right?

But if they did not visit that page after that one day delay, then we go in. We check first.

Did they even open this initial email?

If not, we resend that Welcome email.

If they did, we proceed to a marketing email where we focus on selling them on the up, sell right, and then presumably you could just continue down this path with more email marketing.

Oh, you know, to the right here and so on and so forth.

But that’s That’s the basics of setting up an email automation.

Ah, marketing automation, workflow.

And again, it’s not just email.

As you can see, it’s Facebook audiences.

It’s SMS marketing.

Ah, whole lot of other things that we could have done here we could.

We could go in here and integrate with that Post Guard shipping service have postcards sent to these people depending on what information they submitted in the form.

Uh, you do pretty much anything with marketing automation, and hopefully this has sort of helped you get comfortable with the idea of a marketing automation because it sounds like a very complex and intimidating topic.

And you can see here, thanks to the tools of after day, such as Auto Pilot, it’s drag and drop simple.

And frankly, if you’re not using it in your business, you are leaving a whole lot of potential money and potential sales on the table.

As you can see, it’s easy to do.

There’s no excuse for not doing it anymore.

Take what you’ve learned in these lessons here.

Go and apply them with your tool.

With your software of choice, start leveraging marketing automation in your business today.

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