Why Businesses should definitely use Facebook?

Facebook Advertising
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The following facts will delete any doubt on why every single business should use Facebook to be positioned on over the Web. There are so many important things that have been happening on the Web since Facebook started. Facebook was just one of those amazing creations that didn’t have the intention of becoming what they have become today.

500 million users log in into Facebook each and every day: do you believe that a huge amount of your actual customers are already hanging out on Facebook each and every day inside of those 500 million active users? Of course they are.

Do you believe that inside that exaggerated amount of people there are another huge amount of potential clients you could easily reach each and every day? Of course it is possible. And all that is thanks to Facebook.

You will be able to reach all of that audience that are specifically interested in your own product or service, and you will be able to do it using the most sophisticated and nice interface where millions of dollars have been invested in since the start-up.

The average time spent on Facebook is 20 minutes per visit: what do we do each and every time once we log in into our email account? We just check out emails and that does it. We will spend time on our email account just according to how many emails we need to check or respond to. But there is nothing to do there besides that.

On Facebook there are so many things to do, and every place has the opportunity where you may advertise to them, 20 minutes looking around and not just checking emails is a lot of time to get seen by our customers and potential customers as well. On Facebook you don’t have to open emails, they are already opened to the viewers. You just need to know when they login and at that exact time you may easily reach them.

Every 60 seconds 510,000 comments are posted: would you like people to share what they think about your great product and services? This is truly a great opportunity to share to the world how great your services are. This is the greatest way to answer questions, resolve their concerns and share what other services they might be interested in.

The number of business that say Facebook is critical or important to their business has increased by 75%: a great percentage of businesses are already using Facebook for their business and they assert that Facebook is highly necessary to their businesses. You should take their word for it and get the most out of Facebook like they are doing now.

Brand engagement in 2011 increased by 176%: people in reality have the behavior to talk about brands on their comments. That’s a very important sign right there. That will be a very important measure for you to notice how great of a service are you providing to them. This will surely help you to identify your strong and weak spots in your business. This is just an amazing way to build a stronger business.

Retail is the top industry that has acquired customer through Facebook: this is an amazing fact that will tell you that it is absolutely possible to find new customers only through Facebook. What else do you need in order to jump into a multi-millions dollar value company that is 100% free to use?

Brands have seen a 46% increase in user engagement with the new business timeline: Facebook is not only creating amazing functions for personal use to contact friends, but also has invested a lot of money for businesses to position their businesses over Facebook and have amazing results as well.

Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing: and guess what? It is the most used social media ever!

If you want to get access to a lot of more specific facts, but more than that if you want to position your business on Facebook the right way (without seriously harming your business for doing it wrong) and in the shortest time possible, you better click here.

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