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The trend today is all about Facebooking. The biggest and simplest way of publicizing anything about ourselves is Face-book. People spend a lot of time on Facebook just trying to know people and letting people know them. So, what else can we do to publish about what we are and how we are, differently? Here are few Facebook apps which will help us to be more innovative and creative in being a Facebook user.

Band Profile:
Everyone wants to choose a best way to let the world know about who they are and what they are up to. For people who want this, the best option is to use the Facebook app Band Profile. This is an app in which you can play your favorite songs on your profile. You can do the same on a fan page as well. Currently a huge number of 2.2 million people are following this app.

Did you just see a social cause which needs the immediate attention of as many people as possible? You can do it in your most favorite way, which is Facebook. Causes is a Facebook app. This will let you take few surveys and quizzes and generate revenue through that for the people who are needy. People, who cannot spare their time, can do a direct donation of money as well. Not only these, but for those social issues which need more focus than any other support, you can ask more people to sign petitions on these issues so that they get adequate support and visibility.

You can safely say that this is the app where you can find very funny ecards for people. You can do a lot many things to make one’s day the best. You can post ecards on friends’ walls; you can post these cards on your walls and tag many friends together so that the commenting series go on… It’s a definitely lot more than just fun.

If there is anything else besides Facebook that people are going gaga about, then that is Music. Today, music is creating its own waves in being a favorite way of passing time for people. Not only passing time, but for many, it’s become a deep interest as well. Of course, for a few of them it’s a profession as well. But for those millions of people who are interested in music as more than hobby, SoundCloud is the right Facebook app. You can share a lot of music, recorded sound clips, or anything that has to do with audio. This app has an amazing security option where you can keep the shared audio either public or private between selected friends.

Bejeweled Blitz:
Like collecting diamonds? Who wouldn’t? This app is for all those who want to pick up the maximum number of diamonds in a short span of time. This game is so fascinating that more than 8.4 million Facebook users are using this app. The game gets into a real rush when, users are playing it in a 60 second time frame and they have to match a maximum number of similar jewels.

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