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The world of business communications has changed dramatically in the last two decades and with it the way you go about marketing your products has changed too. In this new century if you are not assured you can be successful with internet marketing and to do so using email, you are behind the curve in getting to the customer base you need before your competitors too.
For many companies the only way to reach the volume of customers you need to reach to reach your financial goals is through mass email advertising campaigns. But the services you can subscribe to are costly. If you pay a price to deliver 100,000 emails to potential customers and only 5000 actually get to those email inboxes because spam filters are catching your advertisements first, then you have wasted a lot of money.
The only way you can really know what percentage of emails are getting through to the customers is to find a way to monitor them. That is why employing an independent agency that can help you track your emails makes sense. If that company can deliver to you a report that shows in detail and by ISP what percentage of your emails are being trapped by filters and conversely how many are getting to customers, you have what you need to make some decisions about how to spend your internet marketing budget in the next quarter. But that data has to be reliable and usable to you and it must be graphic so you can use it in presentations to current management to illustrate the problem and what you plan to do with it.
It makes sense to look into the top email delivery monitoring services to determine if they can provide you with those statistics. An example of such a service is This service makes it possible to see in detail how many of your emails are getting to their intended email inboxes, how many are being diverted to spam filters and how many vanish entirely from the internet (presumably automatically deleted by spam filters). This information is reported by major ISP so you can quickly spot if your message is being caught more often by one ISP than another.
Armed with this kind of information, you can dig deeper to find out what spam detection rules the ISPs in question are using and then tailor your next mass communications email so your message is approved by the ISP filters and goes on to the customers. The outcome is that if the service is accurate, within a matter of months, you will have what you need to fine tune your email marketing plan and see a significant improvement in successful delivery of your advertising to customers.
When you see that percentage start to go up, you will immediately see a corresponding increase in inquiries about your product or services followed by an increase in sales. That kind of refinement of your marketing program is exactly what needs to be done every week and every month by your marketing department to assure long term success in this modern world of digital commerce.
A good email delivery monitor provides two important services for your business. The first is the one we just described. By giving you the data you need to evaluate why your emails are not getting to the customers email boxes, you can make changes to fix the problem and see a dramatically higher rate of success for your marketing dollar.
But the second service is just as valuable because the reports, statistics and graphs that are given to you are crucial both for your management of internet advertising and for communication with corporate management. You are going to be held accountable for the success of your internet marketing programs. This data will help you be able to show both where you are successful and where work needs to be done and to show management the path to success you have planned.
This is not a commercial for any one service but DeliveryMonitor is a good example of how they work and a good starting place for your evaluation. But be a thorough business person and evaluate the field of services so when you do budget to bring a email delivery reporting service on board as a vendor, you know what you are paying for and you know what they can do for your business.
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