Top 10+ Secrets to Taking Better Instagram Photos

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As there are millions of Instagram accounts that the people can visit freely every day, they tend to pay greater attention to the ones that have the highest quality and most interesting posts. This bias cannot be helped, specifically because Instagram is a photo-centric website and individuals go there mainly to check out various pictures. If it poses a problem for you, know right now that getting a professional camera with special lenses will not solve it. What you have to know are the 11 secrets to taking better Instagram photos.

  1. Ponder on what you wish to share.

In case you like to travel or try new fashion trends, you can gear your posts toward those things. Being precise about what you want the audience to see from your page is vital since it allows you to become known in a specific niche.

  1. Natural lighting works best.

You may have noticed that when you turn the Flash feature of a camera on,  there is an angry glare of light that appears on the image. Hence, only make use of natural lighting whenever possible to obtain nicer pictures.

  1. Analyze the subject with your eyes.

Looking at the person or the object as if your naked eyes are the lens of the camera lets you capture a great one without needing to click several times. Once you have imagined how your subject should look like, that’s when you can utilize the device.

  1. Take advantage of the Grid.

Regardless if you own a smartphone or a DSLR, it is more practical to switch on the Grid feature so that you know when the camera is askew or not. It ensures that you can give justice to the beauty of the subject, and editing will be easier.

  1. Tell a clear story.

Viewers show higher curiosity in pictures that indeed say more than one thousand words. Having one point of interest is safe, but adding other stuff to create a wonderful story can make people stare at it for hours and still ask for more.

  1. Capture candid moments.

There are times that catching people or animals in natural positions garner better views than putting them in schooled stances. It is a story on its own, see, and you do not need to include other decorations into that.

  1. Seek defined colors and shapes.

The audience are often mesmerized by how sharp the lines, shapes and colors come out in the photos. In lieu of not being required to perform heavy editing, you should consider searching for subjects that already possess these characteristics.

  1. Embrace the differences in light hue.

Mobile devices change the lighting color around the point of interest when you look at it in diverse angles. This tip applies for photographers who wish to give their subject a magical vibe.

  1. Appreciate the beauty of white background.

Instead of using colorful spaces as a backdrop for another pigmented matter, you can cash in on white spaces. These can enhance the magnificence of your subject and make it a notch more elegant than the rest.

  1. Obtain lens attachments.

Assuming you will utilize your smartphone to take photos, you may get external accessories to magnify the size of the point of interest without making the image blurry and/or pixelated. They are affordable too, so you can benefit much from it.

  1. Practice a lot.

Even professional photographers have taken unappealing pictures when they were starting to learn. If this is a whole new world for you, capture as many shots as you like to get a feel of where your strengths lie.


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