Connect with Other YouTubers and Grow Together

connect with other youtubers and grow togetherMost YouTubers find it very hard to get other creators to do collaborations with. Lucky for them, there are plenty of online conventions and sites that promote these types of collaborations. YouTube alliance or collaboration is any collaborative attempt made by two (or sometimes more than two) YouTubers to boost and increase their audience by engaging together. Whenever you want to work together with another YouTuber on a video, you need to ensure that their work is very identical to yours.
If one YouTuber has a sports channel, and the other has a music covers channel, you are going to experience difficulty finding common ground. Preferably, try to find a partner who makes videos that are suitable to the needs of your audience.
Always remember to state your intentions from the beginning. Being partners, you both need to set targets, meet deadlines and finish the needed tasks. If the YouTube collaboration has to work out, you are going to require partner who will meet you halfway on every project. It is not collaboration if one partner ends up doing 95% of the entire project. Let us take a look at How to Connect with Other YouTubers and Grow Together.
Collaboration Video
You can try to create a video. You can both upload bits of the video to your independent sites or channels and also provide the link to each other in the video definition. It is significant to encourage your audience to look at the other partners channel. This can be achieved by simply having a call to action at the terminus of every video
Making Surprise Guest Appearances
You can also appear in one another’s YouTube vlogs. Either one of you can interview the other about your work, how you contribute to the YouTube society, generally any topic that is relevant to your audience. Furthermore you can exchange guest appearances. This will boost and improve both of your YouTube channels.
Guest Vlogs (Video Blogs)
This option mostly works when it is hard to meet or get together to create a collaboration video. However, this is made easier by use of Google Hangouts. It enables partners to do round tables and even guest appearances even though it is still not the same as making the video together. Another substitute could be making your own videos then swapping them and uploading on each others channel. If the topics are similar and significant then definitely this will work. You should also try to popularize and call to attention your guest appearance in your prior videos before you upload it.
Conclusively, if you have established a great potential partner and you still haven’t initiated any contact with them, you can try to connect using emails, blogs or social media. When you determine the suitable collaboration partner, you can boost your audience and subscriber total.

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