Cold Calling Secrets Module 03 – Hiring Or Outsourcing For Your Cold Calling Operations

Cold Calling Secrets
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All right.

Welcome to Module three.

In this module, our expert will show us how to outsource or hire cold callers.

So get ready to take some notes and let’s jump right in. All right.

So what if you don’t want to do your cold calls and your appointment setting by yourself if it’s too intimidating or you don’t have time where you planned all along doubt sources kind of thing to a sales team or the freelancers.

There’s a few different options for that.

The 1st one is, as I said, freelancers.

This is where you don’t necessarily hire someone permanently onto your team, and you’re not necessarily outsourcing it to a company where service, you’re just finding an individual who’s good at a skill and you’re paying them on a project basis or sometimes on an ongoing monthly basis.

But they’re not really part of your company.

They’re not an employee or anything like that.

Up work is a tremendously useful way to find people like that.

You can do word searches.

We could use the word cold calling or appointment center here, or you could come over here to all categories and just browse and trying to find something in the phone sales space, such as lead generation freelancers.

You might find some people there or telemarketing and toe tele sales.

That’s probably we’re gonna look at here.

And as you can see it, you get a whole lot of people who have skills in cold calling and telemarketing.

Outbound sales, Cold calling.

So a lot of potential here.

Let’s try actually looking for appointments setting.

All right, so here’s our results for people who generate appointments for you on up work.

Cold call expert friends Seen me to be lead generation here.

Experienced telemarketer, quick and attentive.

That’s customer service.

Customer service.

Well, you’ll notice about up work is that it’s kind of like leaked in. A lot of people end up with skills in their skills database.

Their list of skills aren’t really their primary thing.

And so you’ve got to be careful with that.

When you’re searching through, you really want to look for what’s their main thing that they do?

So Rebecca Emma has two main things.

Customer service, an appointment setting so she might be, you know, worth another look and you browse to their profile.

It’s helpful if they have some has to work experience here, and we don’t see that there.

Let’s see if we can find some in her full profile.

No, no work experience published.

Let’s go back here and see if we can find someone with a little bit more of a background look.

It’s a Francine says she’s a cold calling expert and he’s got 100% job a success here, but she doesn’t have a whole lot earned.

Which means that could literally be one out of one job was successful, right?

I’ve got Daniel B two b Lee generation here, pretty expensive, but he’s earned a whole lot, and he’s got a 99% success rate.

Might be worth looking a little bit closer at him.

Work history, Whole bunch of five star reviews there and looks like we’ve got me to be outrageous.

Something is done.

Email outreach, email copyrighting.

So that’s not what we’re looking for.

B. Two B lead generation.

Very important many aspects to it.

We really want someone who actually is skilled on the phone.

So let’s try Alicia here.

Experienced telemarketer Alicia have a 96% job success rate with a whole lot of jobs under her belt, or at least a whole lot of revenue.

Um, and we can look at that here.

She’s just got a whole lot of successful jobs and a whole lot of positive feedback.

She’s got 13 star review a couple of years ago, so since everything since then has been good, she might be someone who’s worth reaching out to.

And trying to bring on board as a freelance cold collar and uh, looks like cold calling is definitely something that she does quite a bit off.

Calling prospects sales until marketing.

Scheduling demos for looks like an E. Com Company B two b Appointment Center.

Five stars This is all good.

This someone who you might want to contact and invite them to apply for one of your jobs on up work.

Okay, what we don’t want to go with is someone who has a whole lot of negative history.

Okay, this is just an issue of it.

If there’s a whole lot of things, it’s kind of ah, if there’s smoke, there’s fire kind of thing, right?

13 star review, like we saw in the previous person a couple years ago, is probably not a big deal.

But if you look here and there seen a freelancer responses with excuses and explanations and so on, which for all we know might be valid.

But, you know, you’re not running a charity running a business, and you can take those kinds of chance.

So, uh, I’ll leave that up to you if you want.

Take a chance.

With With someone with that kind of history, the next option is going to be fiver.

And yes, you can actually recruit or pay for cold calling services on five.

For now, fiber has kind of a stigma associated with it becoming slowly becoming a more premium platform these days.

Of course, they started off where everything just costed a fiver, so services were relatively cheap and you get what you pay for.

But it might be worth looking through these to see some of the rock stars because there are rock stars on fiber who are really good at what they dio, and they’ll probably be a little bit more expensive.

But, uh, I mean, you look at this guy.

4.7 stars out of 149 reviews 4.9.

Here, I’ll call.

Call your list.

You’ve got, uh, guy over here.

100% 5 star reviews for cold calling or using custom sale scripts.

Etcetera to generate appointments.

273 reviews.

All of the positive.

Very similar Over here with Maxine Coleman.

Um, so I mean, there’s there’s no shortage here of people who say that they can do a good job of cold calling an appointment setting, and many of them have the reviews and testimonials to back that up.

And because it’s cheap, it’s less risky.

You know, Teoh, Maybe give them a try and then see if they can sit through maybe the training in the previous module, right?

And ah, cold.

Call some of those prospects for you so you don’t have to.

Another option is to bring on a permanent team member and one of the great places to look for.

If you’re on a budget, let’s say you’re an Internet startup and you don’t have a whole lot of money to bring on US employees or additional U. S. Employees for sales.

A great place to look is online jobs, not Ph OK, and the reason I say online jobs up Ph is because there’s, Ah very little known fact about the Philippines, and that is that they speak excellent English.

They all speak tremendous English.

Now when I say, Oh, I shouldn’t say everyone has no accent, Okay?

There’s obviously some accents, but less so than any other country in the world.

A Sfar as we’ve seen people in the Philippines, English is one of their primary language is officially a primary language now that they weren’t and many of them might have sort of, ah, what your average American over the phone would think is a Hispanic or even a Southern California kind of Twain.

When they talk, Um, you could get a whole lot of people who have barely any accent at all.

Their grammar is absolutely spectacular, and many of them are in fact good at cold calling, so you could do a search here for cold calling and you’ll find a whole bunch of people who have that skill telemarketer here, cold car there cold.

Calling here so cold calling is probably not the main thing that people find on online jobs that pH Most people are looking for.

Content creators, general virtual assistance.

But if you dig.

You’ll find people who have telemarketing and cold calling experience.

Um, and in the case of hiring somebody from the Philippines, you would want to make sure that an audio interview, of course, or an audio recording sample etcetera, is part of your interview process.

Um, but because cold calling is not one of their primary things, what you’d want to do on online jobs to pete dot ph is actually post a job.

Okay, and then the people who have those skills that you’re looking for will search for those skills, and they will come to your job post and apply for the job.

And it’s a great place if you want to bring on a permanent cold caller on your team.

Who, uh, you don’t have to pay that much money to because the buying power of the US dollar goes very far in the Philippines, especially depending on what region of the Philippines you’re talking about, you know, so you could be paying somebody in four or 500 bucks a month to do cold calling for you in the Philippines, and they’re getting paid better than you know, the engineer and the college professor down the road from that, you know?

So it’s it’s a win win situation.

Provides some upward mobility for the folks in the Philippines, and it helps you save some money as well, Whether it be hiring them as your only sales person, you’re only cold car or uh uh, you know, using them, the supplements, your existing team.

It’s a tremendous thing to take advantage of.

Then we have the actual services.

Okay, So instead of hiring a freelancer for projects or instead of bringing on a the virtual remote worker as a permanent team member say from the Philippines, like in the last example, um, there’s actual services that handled this for you.

So Jump crew is one that exists, and you just basically pass it on to them, pass on, you know the target audience, see a pass on the sale scripts and stuff like that, Um, and they take care of your appointment city.

They also do actual selling as well as another service.

But what we’re talking about this appointment setting, and this is a great way to sort of take that off of your shoulders and just hand it to somebody else as quickly as possible.

Another option here is overpass overpass.

Well, basically let you tap into an existing pool of people who literally are just cold colors.

You know, that’s that’s literally what they do.

The entire site is optimized and based around being able to see their their skills and performance as cold colors.

And, like it says, it’s It’s basically a pool of qualified appointment centers in the cloud that you can tap into.

So that’s another one to look into.

And there’s any cute is another example.

There’s tons of these out there, by the way, that you just three examples.

E que is appointment setting services specifically in the B two B space, where they handle all of it for you.

They’re going to take care of turning your prospects, and you’re leads into appointments for you.

And, uh, no, you have to do is give them the goods.

Given the scripts, give him, you know, the value proposition.

All I could stuff and you’re basically taking all the stuff we’ve talked about in the previous two lessons, and you’re taking it off of your shoulder.

You’re taking off of your shoulders and handing it to another company that might save you some money.

You know, depending on what you pay your sales team or what you would have paid the sales team at a minimum saves you some time and some some heartache, especially if cold calling something that is intimidating to you or stressful for you.

So these are all very legitimate options for outsourcing the task of cold calling for your business.

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