Cold Calling Secrets Module 01- Researching Companies And Decision Makers

Cold Calling Secrets
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Okay, guys, welcome to Module one.

In this module, our expert will cover how to do preliminary research to find decision makers in your target company for cold calling.

So get ready to take some notes and let’s jump right in. All right, So the main thing we’re looking for with cold calling is to have a decision maker on the phone, but specifically to know their name.

The name is huge.

The name in the first place is gonna help you get past the gatekeeper.


It has a huge effect psychologically, when you can actually say the person’s name instead of just asking Hey, can I have whoever’s in charge of sales decisions or marketing decisions?


And it also helps you build a little bit of report during the initial interaction once you finally get the person on the phone.

If you already know their name Now for a lot of the smaller businesses little mom and pop locations, you’re gonna be able to find their names relatively easily because they’re right on their website, right?

You go to the about page on their website and it’ll be a picture or a name, and it’s much easier with smaller companies. in many cases, once you get a little bit bigger once you’re dealing with, say, the more elusive cos you’re gonna have to get into some databases or into some social networks.

So your first to go to thing is probably linked in everybody knows how the searcher linked in. You could literally look for company names and look who is associated with them.

Do some advanced searches.

However, if you want to go a step further, you can actually rely on software and services whose whole job is just to find you the names and sometimes even the specific, unique contact information for the individuals in a company.

Some of these things go really deep.

They have the structure, the different levels of hierarchy within the company.

They’ve got names, they’ve got pictures, they’ve got cell phone numbers and emails and all that good stuff and one that we can have a look at.


Here is sales, Jeannie.

Now sales Jeannie has a huge database.

As you can see, 25 million plus businesses and the thing about sales genie and software like that is gonna be that they constantly verify and update their information.

Okay, because a lot of databases back in the old days.

You know, you positions change, right?

So you’d make a call and say, Hey, is Bob there?

And somebody would say, Well, he hasn’t worked here in two years, right?

And so you want to use a good to service that actually stays up to date?

And they’re constantly making calls even to make sure that they know who’s in what positions and that their names and their data are updated.

And just to give you a little inside peek, you could have a look inside of sales.

Jeannie here.

This is a local business in Topeka, and we could literally get the executive’s name and their title right, a phone number to, ah, reach them at.

And then you’ve got a whole bunch of other contacts inside.

So you’ve got a whole bunch of first names that you can throw out during the cold calling process.

You know, whether you’re just doing your reconnaissance or whether you’re trying to get through the Gate Keeper.

You know Josh Ben Ryan Ashley over in sales, right?

Bends the site manager and the head of marketing.

Um, it’s it’s pretty useful stuff to have on hand, and again that you want to work with a software that gives you the most up to date information.

And a lot of these beyond.

Just contact info will give you a lot of other good stuff to know as well as you can see here.

You’ve even got the total number of employees, and the local annual sales are location annual sales for this business, and that’s pretty useful as well.

When you’re combing through and seeing, you know how likely is a place to purchase what you have.

If sales aren’t big enough for, you know, maybe the employee or organization size is not what you’re looking for, then you know, just to avoid them altogether.

But this is really the golden information here.

Gain names, titles, contact information as well as first names of other high ranking people in the company that’s gonna have you a whole lot during the cold calling process.

Some other ones that we can look at include Seamless ai, same basic idea, maybe a bigger database and ah, you can also import thes directly into your CRM at the click of a button right here, you’ve got e mails specifically In some cases, it looks like personal emails that they might have, depending on what companies are looking for.

Phone numbers and all that good stuff for the different executives and decision makers in companies.

And it’s pretty useful if you’re using a CRM like Salesforce or whatever it is that you’re using.

If it integrates with this, you can import them directly into your CRM without having to just browse through their website here.

And you or your cold colors can get to work on that information that you’re compiling and importing.

Another somewhat newer concept now is inbound lead generation, based on people who come to your website.

Even if they don’t fill out a form or contact you or anything like that, they can figure out that with a tool like lead feeder here, they can figure out who visited your site, what company they work for, what they did on your site.

Um, so that’s some pretty advanced analytical and tracking stuff, and it’s it’s pretty neat because you can figure out who’s proactively interested in what you have to offer.

You can call them up and say, Hey, I know you guys visited or someone from your organization visited our website recently were just wondering if you were interested in what we have to offer etcetera, etcetera and automatically You’ve already got a warm a point, a point of reference, something that you could refer to that has happened that led you to call them.

You know, at any instance, um, any any point of reference that you can utilize to make a call a little bit warmer when you make it is beneficial, and and this is an absolutely spectacular one.

If you’ve got companies visiting your site now, one other thing that allow people don’t really think of is sort of rolling up your sleeves and doing some of the, you know, intelligence gathering yourself and you can actually just call reception.

You just call the company and you’ll get the gatekeeper.

But in this case, you don’t have to worry about them doing any gate keeping jobs because you’re literally just asking some questions.

Hey, someone So here I’m curious who’s in charge of sales over there.

So who’s in charge of accounting?

Who do I talk to about human?

Resource is stuff and you can get names, and if you’re not having luck at reception, then you can ask to be Just call the company and ask Hey, can you Can you patch me over to sales?

I need to talk to sales real quick.

I need to talk to accounting.

You know, receptionists and even well trained gatekeepers are usually trying to keep you away from the head honchos.

They’re not necessarily trying to keep you away from other departments, you know, on a on a horizontal basis inside of their organization.

That’s not what they’re trained to do.

And so if you say hey, I need to talk to somebody in sales or in accounting, they’ll they’ll patch over.

You know, it’s just a game of hot potato, and suddenly you’re talking to Dwight and sales, right, and you can do your intelligence gathering there.

Hey, do it.

I’ve gotta talk about X Y Z. Can you tell me who’s in charge of making marketing decisions or buying decisions?

He was the main decision maker.

OK, what’s what’s his name?

What’s his title?

Right, and you can do the same thing In other departments, like accounting, nobody’s gonna defend accounting.

Nobody’s going to say no, I can’t pass you off to accounting or I can’t give you accounting’s number because it’s not something that people are hard wired to think is a sales anything they’re not worried about.

You calling accounting to make sales so you can get through to accounting.

And when you’re in account and guess what the people in accounting are not trained to be gatekeepers.

You know they’re not trained to be tight lipped.

So if you’re talking to accounting, you can ask them.

And they, perhaps more than anyone in the company, will know who decision makers are when it comes to financial decisions.

And you can ask who’s in charge of your HR decisions?

Hey, who’s in charge of things like leadership training?

Who’s Who’s the head honchos who would approve something like that?

What’s their name?

But what’s their title, or do you have a phone number for them?

So can you transfer me to them?

You know, now it might be a little bit less likely that they’ll transfer you on the spot, but it’s it’s worth asking because guess what they’re gonna be more likely to than a gatekeeper in many cases, because again, if you’re working in accounting, if you’re an accountant.

You haven’t been trained to screen calls, so it’s a way to get through, and we’ll talk about that.

Will reiterate that in the next lesson.

But for now, I’m talking purely using this as an intelligence gathering tool.

Okay, to figure out the names of the people in the organization.


Just sort of go around, you know, the, uh, carousel.

You know, for lack of a better term.

And get as much information as you can from each person there.

You know, to build that database of intelligence that you have the names of the people on the positions that they’re in And that will come in handy when it comes time to actually make the cold coast.

Now, once you make the cold calls, which you know who you’re trying to get a hold of.


Their name is who you’re talking, Teoh.

What do you actually say to them?

Especially in those first opening seconds?

That’s what we’re gonna talk about in the next module.

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