5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following

Instagram Marketing that WorksFor the lovers of social media, there is nothing more exciting than seeing the number of followers grow from a handful up to hundreds of thousands or even millions, as this simply means that many people across the planet care about your posts or are interested in every photo or caption that you make public. In case you have just jumped into this bandwagon, however, below are the five ways to grow your Instagram following.

  1. Specify Your Niche

Before registering to the networking site, you should be able to tell at once what kind of images you will share to establish the online brand. If it is just bags, it will not be good to post there your personal favorite clothes because the audience can get confused by that.

  1. Like Relevant Posts

With the assumption that you are on the platform to market your products or services, you do not have to feel as if you can do well without the other advertisers in the same niche. As a matter of fact, they can indirectly help increase your subscribers when you hit the Like button on some of their posts. If you do it, your username will appear under the photo, and the curious viewers can hop on to your account.

  1. Promote It to Other Channels

People these days typically have an account on multiple social media websites. Since Facebook, Twitter and others have been in the mainstream longer than Instagram, your pages in those sites may ideally have garnered a lot of followers. Now, you can use these platforms to introduce the new Instagram account and encourage them to follow you there as well. After all, it won’t hurt to ask.

  1. Use Geotags

In the event that you are a travel blogger or a photographer who likes to visit different locations in the world, your every post can be geotagged so that the various individuals who have been in the same places can find you on Instagram faster. The fact that you have gone to similar spots can inspire them to connect with you.

  1. Hang out with People

This does not literally mean that you need to know each viewer on a personal basis. But by interacting with them in the Comments section and answering a few of their questions there, the people grasp that there is a real human being behind the brand. Therefore, it enables them to appreciate you and your goods more.

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